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   Chapter 69 Aren't You Ashamed Of Yourself

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Linda stared at Johnson Xia and didn't know what to say.

Some people cried out loud when they suffered. Some laughed and some got mad. But the worst of all were those who remained silent.

Johnson Xia looked exhausted rather than angry. But deep down he must be suffering.

Linda felt so sorry for her father.

She held Charles Mu's hands tightly to help herself stand still. Linda wasn't sure whether they had done the right thing for Johnson Xia.

Neither did she know whether Johnson Xia would prefer never to know these things if he had a choice.

"So that's it. I had been raising someone else's daughter for all these years, " said Johnson Xia after a deep sigh and a long while of silence.

Johnson Xia finally saw why May Shen would show up in front of him after Sherry Nalan was dead.

May Shen cried and told him that Lisa was his own blood.

Johnson Xia believed her and took Lisa in, and then loved her with all his heart.

"So she had already been with Frank Zhou during those five years."

And even Vincent Zhou was May Shen's son.

Johnson Xia was such a pathetic man.

"That's right, Lisa is not your daughter! Hahahah! Johnson Xia, I bet you must be so furious and so eager to kill me." May Shen still knelt down on the ground, but she sounded rather possessed.

May Shen had Vincent Zhou in her first year with Frank Zhou, and there came Lisa in their last year together.

But she wanted more than that. She was sick of hiding in the shadow. She wanted to went back to the Xia clan and claimed everything that belonged to her. She wanted to make Johnson Xia suffer for the rest of his life.

As for Frank Zhou, he died in a car crush several years ago. He was a loyal butler who devoted most of his life to the Xia clan. Therefore, Johnson Xia intentionally promoted Vincent Zhou for his late father's sake, and then made him his father's replacement.

But he never thought that...

"It's not entirely my father's fault. Why did you even come back to my father when you were with the butler? Why don't you just let go?"

Linda managed to picture what happened from their conversations. Her father left May Shen and married Sherry Nalan, Linda's mother, out of family interests, for Sherry Nalan was a well-born lady from a wealthy clan and May Shen's family had come down in the world.

It seemed to Linda that everyone had their rights to choose


Trying to kill her own husband and step daughter.That's enough for May Shen to spend the rest of her life in jail.


Lisa Xia screamed while running into the living room. Her hair was messy and so was her clothing. Johnson Xia suddenly felt more humiliated.

"What are you doing? Father, aren't you going to stop that Linda Xia?! How could you let them do this to my mother?"

Lisa ran to May Shen and knelt down besides her, and then screeched at everyone in the room.

She had just woken up from a nap when she heard the noise downstairs, so she hid aside and saw what just happened...

But... She was not Johnson Xia's daughter... And Vincent Zhou was her brother...

It was too much for her to take in.

But when she saw May Shen who was lying on the ground and was obviously in pain after been kicked by Bun, Lisa Xia could but stood out to defend her own mother.

May Shen looked at Lisa Xia with deep sorrow in her eyes, and then she caressed Lisa Xia's head with her shaking hands and said, "Johnson, I know I have done something terrible to you, things I shouldn't have done. But since we have been together for all these years, can I have ten more minutes? There're something I want to talk to Lisa."

Johnson Xia sighed, "Fine."

May Shen then whispered in Lisa's ear, "There's no more place for both of us in the Xia clan. But I had it arranged for you already. When they take me away, you go back upstairs to your room, and there's a note on the third drawer of your dresser. Follow the note and find the man... He will look after you for me..."

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