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   Chapter 68 Misfortunes Never Come Alone

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May Shen seemed startled, but she tried to calm herself down. How could Charles Mu know anything about what had happened? He was just a child back then. It was impossible that anyone should know what exactly happened.

Besides, everyone lived for themselves. May Shen didn't think she did anything wrong.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Are you sure? Try and think again, May Shen." Charles Mu slightly raised his eyebrows, and his jet-black eyes were fixed on May Shen, who kept avoiding his fierce stare.

"Think about what? What about the car I demanded? Do you have it prepared? Or would you like to see your fiancee killed?"

May Shen was obviously getting flustered as time went by. And the more she got frightened, the closer she put the shard to Linda's neck.

"May? What did he mean? What on earth did you do?" asked Johnson Xia in a frown.

"What's it to you? Johnson Xia, I'm done with you today!"

No matter how much May Shen hated Johnson Xia, they had been married for all these years. And part of her deep down still felt sorry that they had to end it in this way.

But she was determined.


Johnson Xia frowned and called her again. Linda felt sorry to see the bewilderment and hesitancy in his face.

"Done? After spending years transferring all the stocks and working capital owned by Lord Xia, and now you are done with him? Truly impressive." There was still not a trace of emotion to be found on Charles Mu's handsome face. And May Shen wouldn't even dare look up at his cold black eyes.

"What? May? Is it true? asked Johnson Xia in shock.

Through all these years, Johnson Xia had always believed he was the one to blame. Even though May Shen hooked up with another man, part of Johnson Xia still felt that was his fault, for he was the one who failed her first and let her spend five whole desperate years waiting for him.

Besides, Johnson Xia was six years older than May Shen. He was in his fifties, whereas May Shen was in her forties, an age which marked the peak of a woman's sexual desire.

"Truth or not, what difference does it make? Johnson Xia, you owe me! You owe this to me and Lisa! I don't want to do this 【neither】, but you brought back that daughter you had w

g related to Vincent Zhou.

And according to what Paul just said, it was highly impossible that Lisa Xia was Johnson Xia's own blood.

"I told you, leave these dirty works to me." Charles Mu didn't turn around, and his face remained calm and cold. He was always like this in front of people. But Linda still felt touched by his thoughtfulness.

Johnson Xia was obviously in shock. His hands were shaking when he held the reports. And every word on the paper was like a knife stabbing into his heart.

"... "May... You..."

"Yes, he's right. Vincent is my son. My son with your former butler Frank Zhou! !" Did you have any idea who was looking after me during those five years? And did you know how many times I came here for you and then was kicked out by your father?"

May Shen would never forget that stormy night when she came to find Johnson Xia and was pushed out of the Xia clan once again. She collapsed onto the ground, and almost cried her eyes out in the pouring rain.

It was Frank Zhou who came over with an umbrella. He carried May Shen up and took her home. He took good care of May Shen who had caught a cold in that rainy night, and then told her that Johnson Xia was engaged to the lady of the Nalan clan.

Paul looked coldly at May Shen. And when she had done talking, Paul passed another file to Johnson Xia, "Lord Xia, this is the DNA test report of you and your daughter Lisa Xia. And the test result shows that you are not the biological father of Lisa Xia."

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