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   Chapter 67 Who Exactly is the Eldest Sister

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It'll be easy for Linda to break free from May Shen as she also had a dragon ring by which

She could escape on her own.

Who was the man behind May Shen?

However, Linda couldn't act rashly and alert the adversaries before she got to the bottom of this whole thing.

"Give me a car with no license plate right now if you wanna save your fiancee's life."

"All right!" said Charles Mu, one eyebrow cocked.

"What about Vincent Zhou? You have taken him?" asked May Shen while narrowing her eyes.

"At the doorstep."

May Shen took Linda with her and stepped back, with one hand holding a shard and the other squashing Linda's shoulder, "Let him go!"

Linda felt excruciating pain in her shoulder. May Shen must have tried very hard.

At the sight of Charles Mu's waving hand, Paul came to the car parked at the doorstep and untied Zhou who had been tied tightly in the trunk.

"What else do you want? Spit it all out now!" said Linda impatiently. Johnson Xia was still in the house and she was worried about him.

May Shen was being shilly-shally with her terms, spitting them out one by one.

As she listened, Linda begun to get rather impatient.

May Shen snorted, "You are at my mercy now. You will do well not to piss me off, or I will kill you."

"All right! All right!" said Linda, "You see, I know you won't set me free even if you could leave here, right?"

With a creepy smile, May Shen said, "Smart! So what?"

"Why not tell me your master?"

Shocked, May Shen was at lost for words for a moment, with her face turining white.

She unconsciously loosened up her grip on the shard.

"Well?" Linda retorted. She thought her stepmother must have cheated on Johnson Xia many times during all these years.

"How do you know? You bugged me?"

"Just answer my question."

"You know what? Why would I tell you? You bitch, why did you come back?" May Shen's eyes revealed a trace of chill as if she

efforts to court Sherry Nalan and finally won her over, Though he wasn't into her at all.

"May, I have no choice and I have explained to you afterwards. You told me you understood, didn't you? Why do you have to rake up the past?" Johnson Xia felt embarrassed by the public exposure of things that he had done in the past in front of his daughter and son-in-law.

"Are you blaming me for embarrasing you in front of your daughter and exposing all the nasty things you have done? Is that it ?" May Shen sneered.


"What? You afraid?" May Shen continued, "Let me tell you, Johnson Xia, the truth is that I have hated you all these years and I married you only to get back at you!"

The dangerous tension in the air kept brewing. Linda had been listening to their conversation quietly since Johnson Xia walked out.

Linda wondered that Charles Mu probably knew it from the very beginning.

Charles Mu calmly observed the whole quarrel. When they were almost done, he asked, "You think you have been wronged? That Lord Xia has not done right by you and that you have been waiting for him for five long years? Is that what you trying to say? Should I remind you of what you have done during those five years? You should know that the past has a way of catching up to you."

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