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   Chapter 66 Chaper Forgot to Teach You Manners

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What Charles did made her heart leap. Linda gazed up at his velvety eyes and stretched out her hands to pinch him. "See? I can also grope you!"

Linda was too weak to pinch him hard. It felt like a mosquito bite. Charles grabbed her wrists and kissed her on the smooth forehead. "Fine, you win."

Linda smirked and waved her hands, saying, "Now you know you are wrong."

"All right, listen to the rest of them."

Then Linda double-clicked another audio clip.

"Adam, you must fix this as soon as possible..."

"Haven't seen you for some time... How about you come over to see me...?

As long as you do what I said, you will soon get rid of that old man..."

This conversation was held over the phone, the female voice of which was from May Shen. And the male voice sounded very soft and reassuring.

Linda swallowed involuntarily after hearing it.

What they had done... was downright insane. It conjured up images for Linda of May Shen kneeling before the man and calling him "Master".

But who is the man?

Linda noticed that at the beginning, May Shen called the man Adam.

"May Shen called the man Adam."

"Right, the man Walker Chen called after kidnapping you was addressed as Master Adam." added Charles Mu with a nod.

This Adam and Master Adam was probably the same person. Linda rested her head on her hand, contemplating over the possibility. Charles was rather swept off his feet by her attentive look.

It's true that an attentive woman is gorgeous.

Moved by the scene, Charles rose to his feet and reached out Linda's hand. "Let' go to your father's home. It's time to uncover May Shen's true colors, " said Charles.

Linda knew what he meant. These audio recordings could be used as convincing proofs for Johnson Xia to kick May Shen out of his home.

But Linda did not want to let her off so easily.

As if he could read her mind, Charles Mu clasped her hand more tighltly and said, "Don't worry, Linda. I will have those who had bullied you before pay for it. But there rem

th to me, but forget to teach me manners? Are you a moron? Was it your father who gave birth to you?

Bun handed over Vincent Zhou to Paul. Then she ran to Linda lest she should find herself in danger. Everybody could sense that there was somthing wrong with the Xia clan today.

As she stepped in, she heard what May Shen had said.

Looking at that thin smile, Linda found that the corner of May Shen's month was actually twitching, Which indicated that she was very nervous. Why was she nervous?

"Bun, don't waste time on her."

Linda was eager to know her father's condition.

Bun immediately got what Linda meant and was about to take May Shen down. Surprisingly, May Shen hurriedly pulled her arm around Linda's neck and put a shard to the main artery of Linda's neck.

"Stay back."

May Shen knew she was too weak to fight Bun and what she just did was the only way to get out of this.

Panicked, Bun freeze where she stood, not knowing what to do, "Let Lady Linda go!"

Charles Mu and Paul also went inside.

May Shen looked determined and cruel and said, "Charles Mu, you want her alive?"

"Say I do, what then? What are you going to do?" Charles Mu lifted his hand and the dragon ring glittered in the sunshine.

Linda waved at Charles Mu to get him to stand down. Charles raised his eyebrow and laid down his hand.

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