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   Chapter 64 Delivering Clothes in the Rain.

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"Why? Tell me why."

"There are no other reasons. All I hope is that you are happy." Donna Xie reached out her work-worn hand to run her fingers through Linda's hair.

With her hands trembling slightly, She looked affectionately at Linda.

Linda recalled that soon after she came back to live with Johnson Xia, he had mentioned that he wanted to thank Donna Xie for raising Linda. But Donna Xie refused to meet him and just accepted his medical aid.


Was Donna Xie unwilling to meet the Xias? Why's that?

Linda was confused. She felt things had gotten more complicated.

"Fine, I won't force you if you are unwilling to come."

"All right, good girl. You better go home. The rain has stopped. I am going to have a nap. The rain usually comes and goes these days. I am afraid that it will pour again. So hurry home and take a hot bath or you may get a cold."

"OK, mom. Have a good rest."

Maybe it was because she's too weak or too tired. Donna Xie fell asleep soon after lying on bed.

Seeing her foster mother dozing off, Linda tucked her in and tiptoed out.

Bun followed Linda quietly after they walked out of the ward.

The gentle rain came again and a gust of chill wind blew past them. Linda felt cold with her wet clothes.


Linda sneezed and rubbed her nose. It was easy to get a cold in such an awful weather.

"My Lady. May I go borrow an umbrella from Dr. Xu? It's raining outside." asked Bun while looking out of the window.

For Bun who had years of training in the army, the drizzle was just a piece of cake. But Linda would get sick after getting caught in the rain again.

Seeing that it was not a heavy rain, Linda shook her head and said, "No. I'm good. The car is over there. We just run to it and drive home quickly."

Gathering her clothes around her, Linda was about to trot over there with Bun.

Hardly did she and Bun start to walk outwards when she saw there were two familiar figures moving toward them.

In the thick rain, the man strode tow

d distinctly that the shares of the Xia Group went up by a few percentage points following the news of the company getting financial aid from the Mu Group.

With the financial aid from the Mu's Group and the surge in shares, those problems seemed highly unlikely.

There must be someone sabotaging it.

After some investigations, Charles Mu thought there must be something fishy going on with the Huiteng Internet.

"OK, I'll examine its accounts later. There must be something wrong with it." said Charles Mu dryly.

Afterwards, Linda, Charles, Paul and Bun left the hospital.

It's still raining outside. Charles Mu pulled his arm around Linda's shoulder and accordingly Linda slipped her arms around his waist, nestling against him.

Charles put up the umbrella and they got into the car. Everything was so natural.

In the villa of the Xia clan, May Shen thought she could never let Linda Xia take over the Huiteng Internet. But she could not figure out a way around it, as Johnson Xia had promised to let her have it.

At this thought, May Shen hurriedly left the room with her phone and went to a place without anybody around in the backyard.

"What's to be done? The old thing, Johnson, has promised Linda the Huiteng Internet."

"Take it easy. Let her have it. The Huiteng Internet is going to be set on fire tonight."

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