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   Chapter 63 The Engagement Party on 18th

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Johnson Xia felt guilty about being absent from Linda's childhood. So he wanted to give Linda some profitable subsidiaries of the Xia's Group as her dowry. But when Linda offered to take the ill-run one to hone her managerial skill, Johnson Xia felt moved and said, "Linda, I know you are a thoughtful girl. But the one you mentioned was in the red and about to be closed by the end of this year. I may give you a subsidiary that ran well. How about that?"

Linda shook her head with a smile and answered, "No, Father. It would not be much of a challenge if it were a profitable company, would it?"

What Linda had said further reinforced her image as a thoughtful daughter.

"You are a good girl, Linda. Since you insist on having that one, I'll let you have it. But don't lose heart if you couldn't turn it around. Our Xia Group has been focusing on traditional sector. We've only just begun to dabble in the internet sector, a little setback is to be expected"

"Thanks, Father. I won't fail you." Linda bent her head down and chuckled. "Is it really because they are not familiar with the internet sector that the subodiary went under?"

"Don't worry, Lord Xia. I'll help her, " said Charles Mu as he reached for Linda's hand and held it tightly.

Clenching her hands into fists, May Shen forced herself to resume her usual gentle smile, a smile that made her look pretty friendly.

But the smile was all too fake to Linda's eyes.

If people really felt happy, they tend to narrow their eyes while turning the corner of their mouths upward.

May Shen only did the latter.

After dinner, Linda, Charles and his father took their leaves.

James Mu went fishing, which was part of his life in retirement.

Charles Mu and Paul went to the company to deal with businesses. Linda left for the private hospital of the Mu clan with Bun to visit Donna Xie, her foster mother.

When Linda arrived, it started drizzling. Without a umbrella, she and Bun were soaked.

After they got in the ward, the sight of Linda being soaking wet ached Donna Xie's heart. She hurried to take a towel to dry Linda's hair and said, "You silly g

e read your mother's blood test report and its serum test result. What she suffered was probably food poisoning. You better watch out as it might cause cancer. If that happened, it'll be too late for her."

While in hospital, there was no need to worry about Donna Xie's diet, as those leftovers were not accessible to her. But Anna worried she would eat them again after returning home.


Linda discussed Donna Xie's condition with Anna for a while. As things were, the Stent Implantation could only be arranged after half a month.

Linda's engagement party was due to be held on 18th of this month. Being raised by Donna Xie, Linda hoped she could attend the party.

After getting back to the ward, Linda saw Donna Xie peeling an apple. Donna Xie simled at Linda and said, "This is for you, Linda. Come on, eat up."

Linda sniffed and said, "OK."

"Mom, my engagement party is due at the end of this month. At that day, I will have someone pick you up in the morning."

Donna Xie was startled a bit by what Linda had said, dropping the fruit knife on the ground. "Linda, now that you have found your biological father, I better not come to your party. I am afraid that my appearance might embarrass you. All I want is for you to have a happy life."

"Mom? How can you not attend my engagement party?"

"I am in poor health. Besides, I have already met your Fiancé. There is no need for me to come."

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