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   Chapter 62 Something Fishy in the Subsidiary

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Linda clenched Charles Mu's hand subconsciously which soothed her nerve.

"James, sorry for that."

The sudden commotion embarrassed Johnson Xia. He looked at James Mu awkwardly. Little did he know that his second daughter would be so disappointing, which made he regret having spoiled her for so many years.

"It's OK. Johnson, let's get back to the engagement issue. The eighteenth day of this month is a good day. Let's make it the engagement day, shall we?" James Mu smiled slight as if nothing had happened.

Born in a rich family, James Mu had been used to this sort of thing and could easily remain indifferent.

He knew clearly about what Bun was capable of. Linda couldn't possibly get hurt.

"Okay. Well, it's all my fault. I failed to get Linda back earlier. She had gone through a hard time when she wasn't living with us." Johnson Xia looked quite remorseful.

Linda noticed that he had some more grey hairs. He must have been shocked greatly at what happened to Lisa Xia.

"Luckily she's back now. I'll be nice to her after she marries my son." James Mu stroked his mustache and gave an approving look at her.

Being looked at like that, Linda felt a little shy and subconsciously leaned against Charles Mu.

After a small conversation, the engagement ceremony for Linda and Charles Mu was formalized. They would leave the Xia clan for home after the lunch.

Linda wanted to spare some time for a visit to her stepmother Donna Xie.

After Donna Xie was transferred to the private hospital of the Mu clan, Linda requested Anna to give her a detailed physical examination and planned to fetch the body check report this afternoon.

Linda's arrival today had put Johnson Xia in a much better mood, so he drank a lot of wine at table.

Linda asked tentatively.

"Father, didn't you say you would transfer my stepmother to the best hospital? Which hospital was she in? I have not asked you until now. But I'd like to see her this afternoon."

Johnson Xia filled his glass again and replied, "Yes. May arranged that. I didn't ask. I'll ask her when she comes out."

In Johnson

ligence on my part. Sorry, My Lady." Vincent Zhou turned around and bowed at Linda Xia.

Linda sneered in her heart. It seemed that Vincent Zhou was also loyal to May Shen.

Linda somehow felt a bit sympathetic towards Johnson Xia. If she hadn't come back, Johnson Xia would have been made a mere figurehead. May Shen was controlling everything including servants, butlers and even company businesses.

"Well, it's OK." Linda nodded.

Now it was meaningless to dwell on this issue. May Shen must have expected Linda to find it out. So she must have taken precautions in advance.

Thinking of this, Linda smiled, "Father, I'm getting engaged to Charles. Look how capable he is! As his wife, I should practice myself so that I may help him, right? I've looked it up. We have a subsidiary called Huiteng Network trading in online games. It has been losing money all the time. Why don't you hand it over to me for a try?"

What she just said alarmed May Shen, "You don't want that, Linda. Huiteng Network has been losing money. We'll announce its closure later this year. Don't bother yourself with it."

Linda had learnt psychology and micro-expression systematically. She smiled secretly when she saw the look on May Shen's face. There must be something fishy in this subsidiary.

"Hmm, is that so? Then I feel more like trying it and let's see if I can bring new hope to my father's company."

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