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   Chapter 61 Going Easy on Her with a Simple Kick

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Linda Xia was still dazed with sleep on Charles Mu when Bun woke her up.

"You drooled when you were asleep." Charles Mu teased her, which made her wide awake. But she found herself fooled when she looked at him and found no saliva at all.

Linda stepped hard on Charles Mu's foot with her high heels and scolded, "That's more your style!"

"All right. Let's get out of the car. Your father has been waiting for us out there." James Mu also got off and looked embarrassingly back at this hilarious couple.

Johnson Xia came to greet them as soon as they got out of the car

"James, it's been a while."

"Yeah, Johnson. Who would have thought that we will meet again as relatives."

It had been more than ten years since they last met each other. In those years, they two loathed each other.

James Mu disliked Johnson Xia because he thought that Johnson wasn't good enough for Sherry Nalan, while Johnson Xia was jealous that James Mu grew up with her.

Besides, Linda was taken away from the hospital after she was born and was never heard again. Sherry Nalan was so heartbroken that she slowly faded away. After Sherry Nalan died, James Mu was so unhappy that he didn't feel like hanging out with Xia clan again.

The Xia clan ran into a commercial crisis this time. Johnson Xia had visited all partners but no one wanted to help. In desperation, he turned to James Mu for a try.

James Mu insisted that for this engagement to work, the Xia clan must marry the eldest daughter to his son. Sherry Nalan's daughter.

In fact, Johnson Xia had once looked for Linda after Sherry Nalan died and managed to find her. But he yielded to May Shen's pernicious advice and hesitantly decided against the idea of finding Linda back. After all, it had been years since Linda went missing.

"Father, Lady Xia." Linda greeted them. She hated May Shen, but it wasn't a good time for a catfight.

May Shen stood there with a smile but didn't reply at all. After what happened at Johnson Xi

Linda laughed. How ludicrous May Shen sounded! Except May Shen and her daughter, no one could pass the buck as eloquently as those two.

Before Linda could say anything, Bun cut in, "Lady Xia, if I had kicked your daughter's wrist and snatched the knife, her hands wouldn't be cured within six months. Besides, if I failed to catch the knife, it would fall on my Young Lady's head. Then she would also be hurt. So I was already going easy on her with a simple kick."

May Shen looked deathly pale, but still managed to remain restrained. She felt she was a little out of control with her words, so she stopped talking. Lisa Xia, on the other hand, could not held in her anger and and struggled to get up. She picked up the knife, "Who do you think you are! How dared you hit me?"

"Someone take her away!" shouted Johnson Xia while pounding the table. He was so burning with anger that his face turn livid.

Soon four or five strong men in black came in and drew Lisa Xia away. May Shen took a deep breath, "Johnson, I'll go check on her."

Then she glanced at Linda and left in a hurry. A chill ran down Linda's back when she saw the viper-like expression in May Shen's eyes.

"Don't be afraid. I'm with you."

Linda sensed that Charles Mu put his hand on her waist. He held her hard and pulled her into his arms.

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