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   Chapter 60 You Have the Nerve to Come Back

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Feeling that the girl was leaning closer and putting her weight on him, Charles Mu couldn't help laughing and he held her harder.

"What do you want?"

"I want to crush you to death." Linda whispered.

"Crush me? With your weak body? Stop dreaming. Try eating more every day and gain some weight. Then you may have a chance at that."

Linda's lips curved up, like a little crescent.

Men's sweet words are always pleasant to hear, but are never meant to be taken seriously. If girls really gained weight and became fat women, it's unlikely that men would still love them.

While talking glibly, they walked to the main door. It was a little hot today.

Tall trees grew in the garden without restraint. Linda felt better when branches shaded her from the sun.

Linda found that Charles Mu had changed a lot as he used to be frigid.

He was reticent even when talked to and he always refused to talk too much.

But now, Charles Mu even could be described as a chatterbox when he chatted with her. But Linda knew that he only treated her that way.

Linda had thought of her engagement to Charles Mu as ruining her chance at a happy life and she begrudgingly accepted her fate

She had thought of this engagement as a price that she had to pay in order to cure her foster mother and to avenge herself.

She thought her life was so helpless, destined for a bleak ending like a fallen leaf waiting to be turned into soil when spring came.

Surprisingly, a colorful flower sprang up where the leaf had rotted. Charles had deeply touched Linda beyond measure.

Arriving at the door, Linda looked into 【S600】. James Mu was sitting in the front passenger seat alone.

Huh? Violet Xing was not coming?

It seemed Violet Xing was still angry at her so much so that she even refused to come down to the Xia clan to discuss her own son's engagement.

Bun help Linda got into the car carefully. It's really troublesome to wear high-heeled shoes. Linda felt she couldn'

her, but couldn't do anything about it...

The S600 stopped at the gate. Bun had to wake Linda up, because the lord and lady of the Xia clan were both waiting there. They were elder family members.

Lisa Xia's room was in a hideous mess. It was a bit of a dog's dinner. A servant was sent to serve her. May Shen asked the servant to keep an eye on Lisa, fearing that she might commit suicide.

Lisa Xia curled up in bed and frowned with her eyes closed. What happened at the birthday party had spread among all servants. She often heard them talking about it in a low voice.

She heard some voices from not far away and asked.

"Are we having guests? It sounds boisterous out there." asked Lisa Xia in a low spirit.

"No one... No guests. My Lady, you must have misheard." The servant lowered her head. She didn't dare to tell the truth.

Lisa Xia tried her best to get out of the bed. Her pale face looked twisted. She slapped the servant, "How dare you lie to me? Do you think I'm deaf?"

"My Lady... Young Master of the Mu clan and Lady Linda are back..."

Lisa Xia fell into a rage, "She has the nerve to come back?"

She took up a fruit knife from the table and rushed to the living room.

"Linda xia, you bitch! You turned me into this. I'm gonna kill you. How do you have the nerve to come back?" !"

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