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   Chapter 59 My Wife Is the Most Beautiful Girl

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As the Bugatti Veyron ran smoothly on the way back, Linda Xia remained silent in the front passenger seat.

While driving, Charles Mu turned around to ask her, "What's wrong? Are you unhappy?"

Linda shook her head, "No, but I don't think you should give him the money. When he got what he wanted, he would ask for more."

"I wasn't giving him money for no reason. Don't you wonder who told him about the hospital your mother was in?"

A smile lit up his face when he looked at Linda gently.

Charles's words struck a chord with Linda.

"It was the Xia clan. Well, my so-called father had promised me that he would transfer my mother to the best hospital for treatment if I agreed to marry you. But I didn't expect... "

"I don't think it was him. Linda, put it out of your mind. Now your mother is in the private hospital of our clan. Trust me. She'll receive the best treatment."

Charles Mu stretched out one arm to Linda and grabbed her hand, looking sincere.

"Holy crap, Charles, be careful with driving, OK? Put your hand back!"

Linda was really frightened by his sudden move and wondered if he was a road killer. Who drove with one hand?

"Don't you trust your husband's driving skill?" Charles Mu's eyebrow quirked up.

Linda gave him a cold stare, "I'm more inclined to believe that my life is fragile!"

Charles Mu still refused to take back his hand. Instead, he held Linda's hand firmly and drove on with the other hand, which Linda had found both funny and annoying in equal measure. She had no choice but to hold his hand towards his side. This enabled Charles Mu to react in time in case of any danger.

Sensing her little trick, Charles Mu put on a small and unobtrusive smile.

They didn't talk. Linda thought back on what Charles Mu just said

Reminded by Charles Mu, Linda also found the whole thing rather fishy.

First, and strangest of all, why would Derek Xie know which hospital Donna Xie was in?

Derek Xie never cared about Donna Xie except when he asked for


After applying some makeup to Linda, Bun made an elegant updo for her. Then Bun took out some dresses for Linda to choose from.

Linda chose a mid blue dress. She looked like a mermaid in the dress.

"Eh? Where's Lord Mu and Lady Mu?"

It suddenly occurred to Linda that their presence alone would not suffice for such an important event as engagement. All their parents are supposed to be there.

As luck would have it, a servant came in, informing the arrival of James Mu.

"Young Master, My Lady, His Lordship has arrived. He's waiting for you at the door."

"Okay." said Charles while putting on a trim suit.

Linda was a little spellbound when she stared at Charles who had a pointy nose and slightly pursed lips. His dark eyes gazed at Linda and she could feel his soft love.

Briefly, he's drop dead gorgeous!

"Linda? Don't stare blankly at me. I know I'm awesome." Charles Mu touched his nose with a big smile.

Bun also covered her mouth and tittered.

"... Go to hell!" Linda blushed and took up the pillow from bed to throw at him.

Linda put on a pair of white shoes with high thin heels. Charles Mu raised his arm and hold her in and then they stepped towards the door.

Leaning against Charles, Linda walked like a kitty. She put her hand on his waist and put all her weight on Charles deliberately.

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