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   Chapter 58 Only Because I Deem You Worthy

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That was definitely not what Derek Xie wanted to hear from Linda. He then put on an angry face and said, "My dear niece. That's not kind. You are about to marry into a noble family. Aren't you going to give your own uncle a little help? I just want to have my own hot-pot restaurant. It is as simple as that."

"You call that simple?" Linda stared at him coldly.

Derek Xie had never bought Linda anything since she was little. And all Linda could remember was he kept asking Donna Xie for money over and over again.

But what's past was past. Linda had no intention to rake things up.

What Linda would never forgive was that Derek Xie disappeared right after when he heard that Donna Xie was ill and in need of a large amount of money. He locked his door and declined all Linda's calls.

Linda could only take Donna Xie to the hospital in the middle of the night by herself, helpless and in tear.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that? It's just ¥300, 000. It's not like you can't afford it. Now that my nephew-in-law is here, I don't think that's too much for both the Xia clan and the Mu clan." Derek Xie just shrugged and kept rambling on. If her mother wasn't there, Linda would turned around and left the room immediately.

All the while Charles Mu stood quietly besides with his eyes fixed on Linda. And Linda knew he would always stand by her.

"How dare you say that? How about you give me ¥300, 000 for fun?" Linda took a deep breath while clinching her fists to stay calm. It was too depressing here.

"Why can't I say that? My nephew-in-law is such a wealthy man, and I can't even talk about it?" exclaimed Derek Xie.

Rattled by the quarrel between the two, Donna Xie said, "Linda, don't be rude to your uncle. Perhaps he really needs money..."

"Mother, don't you see what kind of person he is by now?"

Linda really didn't know what to do with her mother's submissive character. Donna Xie was raised in a family that only cared about boys. She didn't have muc


Derek Xie had lost money in gambling before, but never this much. So in the past, Linda had always kept a blind eye to it whenever he asked money from her mother.

But ¥300, 000?

"It's true, I'm telling you the truth. Please help me. Today is my deadline. If I can't pay the debts, they will cut off one of my arms and spill dog blood at my front door. Please, Lily is preparing the exam for college. I can't do this to her."

Linda was determined not to help him this time. And just when she was about to turn him down, "Paul, go get him ¥300, 000." Charles Mu's voice came from the driver's seat. Derek Xie felt he had never heard anything more melodious than his words.

"Yes, Young Master."

Linda turned around in surprise, "Charles Mu, you..."

"Now, honey, just ¥300, 000. Take it as a charity work before our wedding ceremony." Charles Mu put his hands on the steering wheel and started the car, and then he glanced at Derek Xie, who let go of the door unconsciously because of the coldness in his eyes.

The Buggati Veyron roared and dashed away.

After the car had sped away, the sincerity in Derek Xie's face vanished immediately. He spat angrily on the ground, stamping and cursing as they drove away, "Pah! I wouldn't be taking your money if I don't deem you worthy. You condescending bitch!"

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