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   Chapter 57 Why Don't You Just Go Rob The Bank

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"I really don't have the money, Derek. Don't force my hand. As for Linda, she has just gone back to the Xia clan, she can't just ask them for that much money. It's impossible."

Inside of the ward, Linda's foster mother Donna Xie sounded helpless and trembling.

"You don't have the money? You don't have it but Linda does. Just ask her for it! Come on, my dear sister. I'm your only brother. Would you like to see my dream never come true just because I don't have the money?"

Linda couldn't be more familiar with that voice, which belonged to her mother's little brother Derek Xie.

And Linda couldn't be more furious everytime she thought of him. Though Derek Xie was her uncle, he was a total scum.

The Xie clan had always preferred sons to daughters. And therefore Derek Xie always got whatever he wanted since he was a little boy, while his own sister Donna Xie, being as the daughter of the family, had been treated as a housemaid.

A couple years ago when their father had taken ill and couldn't get off his bed, it was Donna Xie who took care of him everyday from dusk to dawn.

Aa for Derek Xie, he wouldn't even answer his sister's calls when she 【need】 his help to send their father to the hospital in the middle of the night, Let alone paid for his share of the medical expenses.

Derek Xie was a middle school drop-out and a total deadbeat. Ever since he left school, he had become a trouble maker who was loafing around all day long, indulging himself in alcohol, tobacco, gambling and girls.

But most ironically, their father had left the house of 860 sq ft along with tens of thousands of cash to his precious son before he died.

Donna Xie inherited nothing from her own father. Soon after their father's death, Derek Xie drove Donna Xie and her daughter Cindy Xie out of the house, with the excuse that his own daughter Lily Xie was in high school and needed her own room for study.

Linda was a college student back then. She 【lived in college】 and tried her best to do all the part-time jobs she could find. She wanted to make more money so as to rent an apartment and get her mother and sister out of th

daughter who couldn't carry the family's name.

But what she didn't know is that she was completely wrong. A daughter mattered no less than a boy in any family. Women could also be independent and productive and important just as men were.

Derek Xie smirked. He knew his sister would speak up for him. She always did. Even though his sister was timid and poor, her submissive character did have its use, as it had helped him get on with his cozy life for countless times.

"Sister, now that Linda is here, how about we just talk to her? We are all families after all. And I'm sure you want to see me thrive someday, right?" said Derek Xie while rubbing his hand greedily.

Donna Xie seemed a little awkward. She looked up at Linda, but was too embarrassed to say anything.

"What's wrong? Mother, what is it?" Linda heard vaguely outside the ward when they were arguing over money, though she had no idea about the ¥30, 000 they were talking about.

But she was smart enough to figure out what it was about.

Donna Xie then said hesitantly, "You see, there's a shop in your uncle's neighborhood, and now the owner wants to close the shop and move away. So your uncle want to rent the place and turn it into a hot-pot restrestaurant. And he is going to need ¥30, 000 for that."

"¥300, 000? Derek Xie, why don't you just go rob the bank?"

Linda was pissed off. ¥300, 000? Derek Xie surely had the balls to ask.

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