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   Chapter 56 I'm Sure She Can Afford It

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Charles Mu got up early in the morning for there were tons of stuff waiting for him to deal with in the company, so naturally he couldn't stayed with Linda even if he wanted to.

Charles Mu fondled Linda's head and left a kiss on her fair forehead.

Looking at Linda who still wrapped herself tightly, Charles Mu once again felt the tenderness racing through his veins. But he didn't have the heart to spoil her sweet dream.

"Just control yourself and save the rest for the day she marries me." Charles Mu warned himself under his breath.

Then he almost immediately began to regret the decision of forcing himself to act like a gentleman. After telling Bun to prepare something delicious for Linda's lunch, Charles Mu left the villa with Paul.

It had already passed eleven when Linda finally woke up.

After several stretches, Linda struggled to get herself out of the bed. Damn that Charles Mu! Then she cried out at the door, "Bun, come quick and give me some help, I am dying here."

Three seconds later, the door was pushed open, and Bun showed up by the door.

Bun giggled and came in to help Linda up while staring at Linda's neck.

Linda felt she was getting goose bumps all over, "What are looking at? Bun, is there something on my neck?"

Bun then nodded and burst into giggles again, "Yeah. There surely is."

Linda suddenly had a really bad feeling. Regardless of her sore waist and legs, Linda jumped up and dashed toward the mirror in the bathroom.

And then she was shocked by what she saw in the mirror, which seemed like hundreds of kiss marks around her neck. What the hell did Charles Mu do to her?

How was she suppose to see anyone with all these marks...

"My Lady, is Young Master making some kind of announcement? By sealing you up with all these marks?"

"Away with you! Just go and find me something with high-collar! How can I walk around like this ahhhh!" Linda gave Bun a glare and then groaned and buried herself under the quilt again.

Linda was too exhausted to lift a finger, but meanwhile, she was starved to death. All she ever wanted for the moment was that Bun could bring the lunch up

wever, Linda hadn't gotten around to visit her so far.

Besides, her sister Cindy Xie was abroad for the moment. Linda knew her foster mother must felt so lonely without her daughters around.

"Before that, can you come with me to visit my mother? I haven't seen her for quite a while. I wonder if she's getting better these days."

Charles Mu knew she was talking about her foster mother.

He nodded while fondling Linda's head, "Wherever you go, I'll be there for you. But considering that it's my first time to meet my mother-in-law, should I bring some fruits or flowers or something like that?"

"Haha, no need to stick to the etiquette... Just cash will do..."

Charles Mu was at a loss for words.

After getting dressed, Linda then went to the so-called "best hospital" with Charles Mu. Only the closer Linda approached her mother's ward, the more shocked she became... Was this shabby place...

The so-called best hospital? The best facility?

Linda tried so hard not to burst into a fury as she focused on searching for her mother's ward.

Before she opened the door, Linda heard a man inside, who was the last man that she ever want to talk to in the entire world.

"Sister, you can't do this to me! I'm your very own brother! Come on, just lend me ¥300, 000. And it's not your money anyway. We both know that Linda has married to a wealthy guy, and I'm sure ¥300, 000 is just a piece of cake to her."

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