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   Chapter 55 Then We Will Keep the Baby

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"Damn it, Charles Mu! Get out and sleep on the couch by yourself!" Charles Mu grinned at Linda who blushed out of both embarrassment and anger.

He softly touched Linda's little nose and then carried her down from the dresser.

"Alright, just kidding. Come on, let me dry your hair, or you'll catch a cold."

It was getting cold in November, and a single piece of thin clothing was clearly not warm enough for such a chilly night.

"Hum, piss off!"

Nevertheless, Linda sat still on the chair with her legs crossed, Waiting for Charles Mu to come back from the bathroom and then dried her hair with the hairdryer.

With a doting smile on his face, Charles Mu ran his fingers softly through Linda's smooth hair, fearing if he might pull too hard and hurt her. He had always been careful and gentle when it came to Linda.

Hearing the buzzing of the hairdryer, Linda suddenly felt calm and peaceful. Perhaps it was what it felt like to have a home.

Linda had never thought of one day when she could live peacefully with Charles Mu under the same roof. Indeed, Linda found that she had fallen in love with Charles Mu.

How did she know it? Linda felt neither awkward nor constrained at all when she was alone with Charles Mu, not even for a single minute. Besides, she began to think about him all the time when he was not around, and she could spend the whole

u's missing rib.

Charles Mu leaned against the bathroom door and stared at Linda quietly.

Though her eyes were closed, Linda could still feel Charles Mu's eyes were sticked to her back. She wondered why he was still standing there.

Linda felt like she was put on a grill and heated by his eager stare.

The whole room remained dead silent for a while.

Feeling rather awkward, Linda then asked, "Aren't you going to bed?"

"Yep. Coming right up."

Charles Mu then walked to the bed with a ghost of smile on his lips.

While keeping his eyes fixed on Linda, he held her tightly in his arms.


"Charles Mu, what if I get pregnant?" Looking right into Charles Mu's eyes, Linda asked seriously.

"You silly little one. What do you think? We will certainly keep the baby."


Linda was trying to say something more, but Charles Mu shut her up with another kiss on her lips.

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