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   Chapter 54 Come On To Me All The Time

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To Sarah Shen, what's on the paper was hard to believe.

How can it be! She was just a servant of the Mu clan and a stooge of Linda Xia.

How could a servant hold the rank of Colonel?

The file read:

Colonel Bun Lu was second-in-command of the Female Special Police Force Unit of People's Armed Police Headquarters and of the Training Department of the Officer College of the People's Armed Force of SH City.

She has been granted one first-class merit, one second-class merit and two third-class merits. Besides, she has carried out vital military tasks of SH city for more than 13 times during her service.

"Grandpa, how could it possible? She was merely a servant!" Sarah Shen still found it unbelievable.

"Indeed, she is one of the servants of the Mu clan. But she volunteers to be one because James Mu once saved her life."

Snorted Lord Shen.

Sarah sank down on the ground in consternation. This time she had gotten herself into a big trouble.

Fortunately, Lord Shen arrived in time to stop her. Otherwise, the price she had to pay would be beyond an apology.

"Go to the villa of the Mu clan tommorrow with me and give Miss Lu a proper apology. Now go home. You are grounded. Look at you with that high heels and short skirt. Are these the outfit for the Deputy Director? I did not make you the Deputy Director to bring shame on our family!"

Glancing at what his dear granddaughter was wearing, Lord Shen felt sick to his stomach.

Sarah Shen started to bawl regardless of her ruined make up and terrible look.

For as long as she could remember, her grandfather had never snapped at her like this.

If he had not been in a fit of anger, Lord Shen would have never been so nasty to her granddaughter. Ordinarily, he liked Sarah a lot. With his dear granddaughter we

rty with Linda's father. But all of this was interrupted by what had happened today and he had to do it another day.

After dinner, Linda took a hot bath and was going to dry her wet hair when she was enveloped with a warm hug from behind.

"Let me go. My hair is wet." replied Linda sourly.

Charles Mu ran his fingers through her hair and wrapped his arms more tightly round her body. He said in a low and enchanting voice, "I'll dry your hair."'

"No, I'll do it myself." Linda insisted.

Charles Mu swivelled Linda round, lowered his head to kiss her and said again, "Could I dry it for you?"

Linda thought Charles was going to come on to her again and replied, "No, you bastard..." Before Linda could finished her words, Charles Mu lifted her pointed chin and pressed a lingering kiss on her lip.

She felt breathless.

After a good while, Charles Mu moved his lip away and squatted down to pick her up, laying her on the dressing table. They were so close, less than 0.4 inch from each other.

"Could I dry it for you?"

Linda had no choice but to give in to his pestering. Anyway, it's not bad to have someone help you dry your hair.

"OK, Ok, you win. Just do what you want."

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