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   Chapter 53 A Servant

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There was a wire fence in the middle of the room to separate offenders from interrogator.

Amy Qi and Sarah Shen was sitting behind the wire fence at the interrogation table that had a remote control on it. They looked at Bun with such gloating faces that had scorns written all over in their eyes.

The wire fence was put up at first to to keep prisoners at bay lest they should break free from their handcuffs and prisoner shackles.

Bun cast a sidelong glance at Sarah Shen and sneered, "You are truly ignorant and fearless."

The dauntless attitude of Bun who was tied pathetically to the electric chair intensely irritated Sarah Shen. The irritated woman said, "You sharp tongue won't do any good to you. I am going to make you wish you've never been born."

With a smile tugging at the corner of her month, Bun titled her head to one side and looked at them, "It seems like you, the Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau, was going to held a kangaroo court."

"Come on, drop the act. Linda Xia was not power enough to rescue you. I am telling you. You beat the Director of Public Security Bureau yesterday. And we can put you in prison for charges of, let's say, instigating quarrels, disturbing social order and intentional injury. Guess how long it will take for you to serve out your sentence?"

Bun's aloofness didn't sit well with Amy Qi, as she considered Bun to be a mere servant.

"She is the Deputy Director, "

Bun continued, "And don't forget it was you Sarah Shen who provoked the fight by attacking me first. What I did was merely self-defense."

"Quite funny, It's your word against mine, and I am the Deputy Director."

"Fine, so long as you remember Who was the one that knelt on the floor and cried her heart out."

Bum looked at Sarah Shen with a mocking smile as if she was a joke.

"You bitch! I am the Director of Municipal Public Security Bureau. And you, a nobody, should never strike me back even if I beat you." Being reminded that she was only the Deputy Direct

diately had someone free Bun from the electric chair.

"Miss Lu, I am terribly sorry for this. I will get to the bottom of this."

Bun stretched herself and darted a triumphant look at Sarah Shen. She nodded slightly, "Fine."

Afterwards, Lord Shen instructed, "Please bring Miss Lu to another room for rest."

After Bun left, Lord Shen had someone shut the door.

"Grandpa, why not let me know that you are coming?"

Seeing there were only she and her grandfather left, Sarah Shen trotted to Lord Shen's side and took his arm, playing the woman. What she had done worked every time in the past.

"Get down on your knees!" Lord Shen growled.

Sarah Shen was obviously struck dumb, but she did what she had been told and said with an aggrieved look, "Grandpa, I just arrested a servant. Why are you so mad at me?"

"A servant?" Lord Shen tossed many sheets of paper on his granddaughter's face, "How many times have I told you not to goad any member of the Mu clan? Why can't you understand that?" ?"

Sarah Shen began to cry. but interestingly, her tears came off white as she had dabbed too much powder in the morning to cover her still swollen face.

Being racked with sobs, Sarah Shen picked up the scattering papers. After reading what'd been written on the paper, her hands trembled and eyes dilated with astonishment.

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