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   Chapter 52 Lick My High Heels Clean

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"Well? "Don't you have company business to attend to? If not so, it'd be OK to have Paul pick me up."

"Everything was done, just wait for me." He said and hung up before Linda could speak out.

While listening to the busy signal, Linda pouted her little mouth as if she was bullied by Charles Mu.

How could he always act so peremptorily?

After hanging up the phone, Charles Mu put on his jacket and were ready to leave, which confused Mary Zhang, the secretary who was responsible for minutes.

"Mr.Mu, are you going out?"


"But, if I may remind you, there will be a key meeting in 10 minutes."

Charles Mu glanced at his watch and left the office with his car key, "Put it off until tomorrow."


After Charles Mu stepped out the office, Mary Zhang cast a glance at receding figure of Charles.

Who had that kind of power to distract the CEO from attending an important meeting this afternoon by a single call?

Mary Zhang was all for gossip and she hurried to talk about this breaking news with her colleagues as soon as Charles Mu was out of sight.

"Hey, guess what. Mr. Mu put off a vital meeting and left with his car key after receiving a phone call." Mary Zhang whispered with her female colleagues who sat next to her.

"Pfff, how could this possibly matter? It must have been be a business partner, more important than the meeting this afternoon."

"How is this possible? I have never heard him in such a tender voice." "It must have been a woman!" Mary Zhang retorted.

"Really?" "Could it be a girfriend?"

Without the presence of their boss, Mary Zhang and the rest indulged in exchanging whispers of of gossip.

"You know what? There has been a rumour going around that Mr. Mu was engaged with the eldest lady of the Xia clan. You see, the Xia Clan has been going downward economically these years. They are clutching at straws, trying to save themselves by this marriage with the Mu clan."

"Humph, I don't buy it. It is said that the so-called Lady Xia was not even raised by her parents and merely returned home recently. Well, who knows whether she is a real lady or not."

"That's true, How could she be worthy of our Mr. Mu? He is so young and handsome. I have bee

ed surrounding pedestrians' attentions and they turned around to look at her. Linda was certainly a nobody to them, whereas Charles Mu was a big shot in this city. If nothing happened, those busy shoppers might have overlooked the arrival of Charles.

However, what Linda had done drew their attentions and as a result, they looked towards where Linda and Charles were standing.

Yielding to Linda's demand, Charles Mu turned back reluctantly. Being the CEO of the company, he simply could not afford such public embarrassment.

What if someone shot a video of what they had done and started gossiping about him being hen-pecked? How would he ever redeem his image?

Charles Mu was upset by what had just happened, and so he pulled his arms around Linda's narrow waist and asked, "Linda, I'd like to talk to you."


"Next time, don't ask me to 'get my ass back here' when there were so many people around. Not this phrase. It's embarrassing to me."

Linda chuckled at his worried expression and said, "Um, that depends on your attitude toward me."

In the interrogation room of the police bureau.

Bun's hands were handcuffed behind her back to the chair she was sitting on, and her legs were tied.

The chair was not a common one but a tailor-made electric chair for capital offenders including drug dealers and murderers.

'"Well, I am going to offer you an opportunity to lick our high heels clean, then I might consider going easy on you. How about that?"

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