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   Chapter 51 Bun was Captured

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Sarah Shen was obviously shocked as she didn't understand What Bun meant.

"It doesn't matter if Lady Shen doesn't know the consequences. Let me tell you. Insulting a superior or even try to use force will result in disciplinary action and confinement. Maybe you want to return to the police training school to continue your study?"

In Linda Xia's eyes, Bun's image suddenly became taller.

Sarah Shen was scared a little bit, but recovered immediately because she thought it might be a bluff. How could a servant be a colonel. Was she joking?

Thinking of this, Sarah Shen gave a snort and said with mockery, " Even if you want to cheat me, can you make up a better lie? Shame on you for pretending to be an officer, and a major no less. Do you know that I can throw you into prison right now?"

"Ok, go ahead, " said Linda with a smile while standing aside.

If Sarah Shen had a particle of sense, she would stop messing around, or otherwise she would be sent back to the police training school to renew her study according to military discipline if she really arrested Lily.

"Linda Xia, don't be too cocky just yet. You have not yet married into the Mu clan. Do you really think that Sarah won't take action against you? This woman is your servant so you will assume joint liability, " said Amy angrily.

Bun stretched out her hand and shrugged her shoulders. She looked at Sarah Shen with her big, innocent and shining eyes and said, "Go ahead. Arrest me. I promise I won't resist."

Sarah Shen was obviously angry to the extreme. She even took out her mobile phone from her bag and called for reinforcement from the bureau, "Hello, this is Sarah Shen speaking. I need a squad to come to Huilian Building immediately. Someone is now assaulting the police."

After receiving the Deputy Director's order, the bureau gathered a squad and headed for Huilian Building.

"Bun, the dress is beautiful. We will buy it. There is a yellow skirt over there. You can go and have a try."

"All right, My Lady."

Amy Qi and Sarah Shen had no mood for shopping, but Linda and Bun were in high spirits so they kept on trying clothes.

When the


The shopping guide had already changed her attitude completely. She wrapped all the clothes up for Linda, bowing and flattering. She then put those bags into Linda Xia's hands.

Linda carried five bags and left Zzelat. She dialed the number of Charles Mu after she found a seat in the shopping mall.

The phone rang three times and then she heard Charles Mu's beautiful voice.

"Did you miss me?"

"Away with you. You know what? Bun was taken away by the police. You better hurry and get her out, " said Linda with a crabby voice. Though Bun said that there would be no danger, Linda still worried that they would play tricks.

"Well? Which bureau?"

"What other bureau could it be? The one where went to fetch files of Walker Chen last time. Bun and I went there once after you did. Sarah Shen, the Deputy Director of that bureau is a good friend of Amy Qi. She tried every means to screw me. When she could not beat us by words, she tried to slap Bun, but was instead beaten by Bun... She now sought revenge by claiming that Bun had assaulted a police."

Over the phone came Charles's laughter, " I see. Where are you now?"

"I am now in Huilian Mall. I planned to buy clothes together with Bun, but unfortunately we bumped into those two devils. You send someone to pick me up. Bun was taken away and I cannot drive." said Linda in frustration.

"All right. Wait for me. I will pick you up in twenty minutes."

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