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   Chapter 50 The Consequences of Hitting a Colonel

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Amy Qi held the hand of Sarah Shen, looking into her swollen face and felt very angry.

Linda Xia had gone too far. She even ordered maid to beat the Deputy Director of the public security bureau.

Amy, I have told you already that it was not your fault. However, now I have a grudge against Linda Xia and I will fight against her to the last gasp, Sarah Shen touched her own face. One can see coldness in her eyes.

What made things more infuriating is that after she went back home, she cried for her grandfather's help. She wanted her grandfather to arrest Linda Xia with the charge of committing the crime of intentional injury and assaulting police. However, her grandfather did not help her after he found out that the guy who hit her had something to do with the Mu clan. Instead, he gave her a good scolding and told her to put a curb on her temper and try not to offend the Mu clan.

Thinking of this, Sarah Shen clenched her teeth out of anger and wanted to rip Linda apart immediately.

Bun actually showed her mercy when she dealt with Sarah Shen's case, considering that Sarah Shen was the daughter of the Shen clan and at the same time she was the Deputy Director of the police station, so Bun had been easy on her or otherwise Sarah Shen' face would be much worse than just being swollen.

"Miss Shen, what's wrong with your face?" asked the reckless female shopping guide, which made Sarah Shen more furious.

She slapped the shopping guide on her cheek at once and said, "Mind your own business!"

Amy Qi also looked at the shopping guide with aversion and said to her, "Don't you even know when to keep your mouth shut?"

Sarah Shen slapped the shopping guide as hard as she could because she was just beaten by Linda Xia yesterday and so she felt extremely angry. She just wanted to beat someone in order to let off steam and here the shopping guide was the scapegoat.

Having been slapped on the cheek, the shopping guide felt so painful that she wanted to cry, but she dared say nothing because the Shen clan was a rich and powerful family. As a result, she could only bow deeply and apologize, "My apology, Lady Shen. I shouldn't have sai

nly turn her down with hesitation.

Linda felt funny enough. This store was unreasonable. Did that constitute as bullying customers?

"Did you hear? Linda Xia, who do you think you are? Coming here to buy clothes for a servant?" said Amy Qi with a tinge of mockery. She looked at Linda with hatred, which made her look perverted.

Linda frowned gently and said softly to the shopping guide, " let me say it again. Wrap this dress up for me."

The shopping guide stood still awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

"This dress. Wrap it up for me. I will pay twice the price, " said Sarah Shen.

Linda was somewhat impatient. What was wrong with Sarah Shen? Was she mad? But Bun could understand. After all, Sarah Shen was beaten heavily by her last night.

She guessed that Sarah Shen still felt angry right now.

"Lady Shen, it seems that you have already forgotten the the slaps you took yesterday. You want to be beaten again?" Linda's words were full of threats.

In a panic, Sarah suddenly grabbed Amy Qi's hand subconsciously.

"Linda Xia, do you know the consequences for assaulting a police?" Amy Qi gave a snort of contempt and held Sarah Shen's hand, telling her not to be afraid.

Not until Linda could open her mouth, Bun glanced at Sarah Shen and Amy Qi coldly and said, " Lady Shen, do you know what are the consequences for someone who has a police rank of major to insult and try to assault someone who is a colonel?"

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