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   Chapter 49 Opponents Always Meet.

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It was long before Charles Mu let go of Linda Xia reluctantly.

Bun, in the front passenger seat, and Paul, in the driving seat, sat quite straight. Both of them dared not talk on, nor dare they look back.

Like a kitty, Linda was resting in Charles Mu's arms.

After such a tiring day, she fell asleep in his arms.

It was early next morning when she woke up. The warm sunshine poured into the room. Linda touched across the bed subconsciously.

It was empty.

Again, Charles Mu had left.

He was busy with all kinds of things in his company every day.

However, Linda was on cloud nine today. She couldn't help cheering and capering.

She gently summoned, "Bun."

Bun knocked three times before she came through the door. "My Lady, you're awake. Go brush your teeth, wash your face and have breakfast."

Every morning, Bun waited at the door until Linda got up. Linda wasn't used to being served every day. But she's used to having Bun around.

Linda nodded and glanced at Bun, "Huh, Bun, why don't you buy some pretty clothes?"

Bun looked back with a smile, "I don't care about what I wear, so long as they are comfortable."

Linda had known Bun for some time and she always found Bun in a housemaid dress at home.

If Bun left home, she would wear a white blouse and jeans.

Linda had never seen her in a dress.

After all these days, Linda knew the schedule of Charles Mu. He wouldn't be back home until this afternoon.

Bun looked dainty. How should a pretty girl like her always wear simple clothes?

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Linda went downstairs with Bun.

"Bun, how about I taking you for clothes shopping today?" While having her breakfast, Linda stared at Bun.

Her bright eyes sparkled and she felt rather excited.

She loved barbie dolls when she was little. She used to give them dresses and make-ups. But she had no time for that because of all that triviality in the a

30% it is. Just go get it for us."

The sales lady still didn't believe her. She made a sign to two securities at the door. If Linda couldn't pay...

The sales lady gave the dress to Linda reluctantly. Linda passed it to Bun, "Go try it on."

Soon after Bun entered the fitting room, Linda wanted to go to the loo because of sore tummy.

She left after telling the sales lady beside her.

No sooner had Linda left than two guests entered the shop. The sales lady gave a huge grin.

"Lady Shen, what brings you here?"

The sales looked up at Sarah Shen, feeling a little confused. Why did Lady Shen look swollen today? Her lips even looked bruised. Was it the result of domestic abuse?

While imagining all sorts of scenarios for the injury, she stepped forward to give those two a warm welcome. Sarah Shen was a regular customer who came once a month. She bought four or five dress every time. She was kind of a big patron of this shop.

The sales lady noticed that the girl holding Sarah Shen's arm looked close to her. This girl must be another great lady. Then the sales lady asked warmly, "We have many new arrivals. Would you like to try some?"

"Sarah, take whatever you like today. You had been put through an ordeal

The other day because of me. I'd like to make it up to you."

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