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   Chapter 48 To Get Engaged.

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"Amy Qi went away empty-handed. But her bag was left here. She sent a servant to collect it." answered Linda.

"You mean her bag was left here. And a servant was sent for that?"

Not knowing what he meant, Linda simply nodded and asked, "What's wrong?"

Charles Mu looked harsher. Disgusting as Amy Qi was, if she left her bag here, she wouldn't came back. Because that would be a perfect excuse for her to visit Charles Mu's room again. It was weird that she fetched the bag in a rush. She must have taken away the voice recorder.

"This afternoon, I fetched some files of Walker Chen's case from the public security bureau. There was a voice recorder, containing dubious calls made two weeks before he died."

"Have you listened to the recorder?"

Charles Mu nodded gently, "Yes, I have. Someone instigated Walker Chen to kidnap you and promised to get him out of the public security bureau if he was caught."

"Promised to get him out? Then why had he taken those sleeping pills?" Linda hadn't listened to the recorder. So she still felt confused.

Charles Mu stretched forth his hand gently, pulling Linda Xia back into his arms. He ruffled her hair and nodded, "Yes, someone promised to get him out. As in the recorder, Walker Chen was given an analogous compound as sleeping pills. To get saved, he would take the compound and have a suspended animation. But it seemed the man behind him didn't really mean to get him out. That was a bottle of real sleeping pills."

Nodded Linda, who, while nestling in Charles's arms, contemplated on the possibility of Walker Chen being a mere pawn of someone else's foul plan.

"Well, the recorder doesn't really matter. Because only two words are important. Walker Chen called him Master Adam. We may start from that. There are not too many celebrities in SH."

Linda nodded, "Okay."

Things were gettin

"Young master, you know what? When Bro Paul called and told us you were in a coma in the main house, Lady Linda was very nervous. She grabbed my hand, asking how fast I can get her here." Sitting in the front passenger seat, Lily turned around to tease her.

"Oh, really?" Charles Mu gave a rare pleasant smile. Paul, who was driving, also gave a crooked smile uncontrollably at Bun's joke.

Bun was about to embroider the story when Linda took a hold pillow and threw it at her head. "Damn, you talked too much!"

"Sorry. My bad. My Lady." Bun found Linda's face flushed bright red and she was about to get angry. Bun didn't dare to say anything more.

Charles Mu stared at the girl beside him. She looked infurious with red cheeks and pursed pink lips. She looked attractive beyond description.

Their eyes met as Charles gently held her waist with his arms and swiveled her jaw towards himself. At that moment, Linda caught a hint of affection in his eyes, but before she could react, Charles hugged her and gave her a deep kiss.

Lily and Paul were still in the car. How impetuous he was...

Linda managed to push him away, but he held her waist harder with his arms to intensify the kiss .Linda fell again into his arms.

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