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   Chapter 47 The Voice Recorder Was Missing

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Anna cast them a wry look and smiled. Afterward, she went out with her medical kit.

Paul and Lily ran off without looking up.

"Hey, guys, don't go!" Linda was struck by a premonition.

Ignoring what Linda had said, they simply dashed out without even looking back.

So had she just been betrayed by them?

As soon as the door was closed, Linda's head was swiveled back by someone.

Her waist was twined around by a hand before she could speak out. Suddenly their eyes met and her lips were kissed by Charles.

Though the drug was diluted, the symptom showed no sign of reprieve as Linda could still feel the scorching skin of Charles.

The quite room was dominated by the sound of her fluttering heart.

His aggressive kisses on her lips somehow overwhelmed Linda to the extent that she found it hard to resist.

"Why do I feel that way?" Linda wondered, "Am I falling in love with this guy?

Why was I so worried when I heard about his condition?"

Without moving his lip away, Charles found the girl nestling against his chest quit moving. Then he opened his eyes, amused and vexed by what he seen.

She was in a trance?

Was he really such a bad kisser?

Linda started to react after he had deepened the erotic kiss.

There was an odd feeling coming over her, as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Then Linda totally lost her strength and her limbs went weak.

It wasn't clear since when she had rested completely in Charles's arms.

Charles very much wanted to nail this girl but this was not the time nor the place. He didn't expect that the Qis would be so bold as to drug him.

If it were not for the arrival of Linda, Charles was not confident that he would be able to resist the drug-induced impulse to have sex with Amy.

He loosed his grip and swept her into his arms, "Linda, sometimes I hope you could follow your heart and don't keep away from me deliberately."

To his surprise, with some hesitation and an unreadable look, Linda n

ant you to help me."

Without being coy, Linda picked it up and started drying him up. She whined, "Charles, you look like a baby in need of someone else to dry you."

What had happened today made Linda think. She also wanted a marriage that could last to the grave. Maybe he was the right one.

Then Charles put on his clothes and headed to the living room with Linda where his parents had been waiting.

Bob Qi knew his wife and daughter had something to do with it. He hurried to return home lest what had happened today escalated. Not wanting to ruin the long-standing friendship either, James Mu played along with his move.

Charles didn't really mean to get to the bottom of this thing. He just wanted to use it to deter Amanda, Amy and his mother.

Charles dressed himself in front of Linda without avoiding to be seen. She felt a bit embarrassed to be exposed to his naked body. Therefore, much to Charles's amusement, Linda hid her face in her hands.

Afterwards, He unconsiously stretched out a hand to feel in his pocket.

His phone was still in his pocket, safe and sound. But where was his voice recorder?

Charles's heart sunk and a hint of grimness flashed over his eyes.

"Linda, did Amy Qi took something with her when she left? Maybe a handbag?" Charles turned around and asked with a frown.

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