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   Chapter 46 The Wishful Thinking Failed

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It is obvious that Charles Mu mistook her for Linda Xia and lost his mind because of the aphrodisiac.

"What's the matter?"

Upon seeing this embarrassing scene, James Mu frowned with an unreadable expression on his face.

He and Bob Qi totally had no idea what had happened because they had left the dining table in advance to play the game of go. But he was sure his son was very picky about who he chose to flirt with.

Being stared by a group of people, Charles Mu mistook Amy for Linda Xia.

With the presence of both Qi's and Mu's parents, Amy shrieked and then pulled the duvet over herself.

Although she made such an embarrassing gaffe, Amy still gave Linda Xia who was standing at the door an aggressive look.

Charles Mu gazed at Amy with an unreadable look because he had already taken her for Linda Xia.

He bent his head to kiss Amy. As he did so, Linda Xia shouted, "Charles Mu!"

Then Charles Mu turned his head toward where the voice came from. He was surprised to find Linda here, whose presence helped him restored a bit of sanity.

Disgust registered on his face as he bent his head to identify who the girl lying under him was. He stretched out a powerful hand to seize Amy by the throat and then threw her to the ground from the bed.

Flung to the floor, Amy let out a scream in pain and then hurried to blot out herslef by her hands.

Zhang quickly took off her coat to cover her naked daughter.

Although Charles somewhat came to his senses, sickness still reigned him. He looked at Linda with burning eyes.

Linda hardly dare came near Charles fearing that she might meet the same fate.

She was reluctant to have sex with Charles, but it does not mean that she will be OK with him being lured into having sex with another woman.

"Get a car and take Young Master to hospital." James Mu instructed the butler as he spotted the abnormality of his son.

"No, it's OK, Uncle Mu, I have already sent for Dr. Anna." Hardly had Linda stop

hostess in this family. How could Linda order everybody out with she, the real hostess present?

"Who do you think you..." scoffed Violet Xing. However, her words were interrupted by a stern look from James Mu.

"OK, Linda, we will go on ahead and wait for you in living room. We must get to the bottom of this mess." James Mu frowned, clutching at his buddhist bracelet which he had been fiddling with.

Bob Qi started to speak 【the first time】 "James, I am not going to get invloved because it is your family affair. It seems like Amy was scared by it, so we better go home now."

"Well, OK" James Mu had his eyebrows cocked.

Eyeing his wife and daughter with mixed feelings, Bob Qi, a shrewd man, could tell that they must have something to do with what happened today.

He sniffed "Move! quickly! Is this not embrassing enough for you?"

"Did dad figure out something about it?" Amy was worried. After hearing what Bob Qi had said, Amy and her mother trembled a bit. Amanda picked Amy up and then they walked toward the door.

The Qis left the house without delay.

After a while, everybody was out except Linda, Anna, Lily and Paul.

How do you feel? still sick? Any feeling of nausea? asked Linda.

Charles Mu didn't answer. His gaze swept around Anna, Lily and Paul and he said "You three too."

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