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   Chapter 45 The Strong Effect

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The entire living room remained silent and no one answered Linda's question. All four of them were simply staring at her.

Linda then asked calmly again, "Where is Charles? I'm here to bring him home."

Violet stepped forward while casting an irritated glance at Linda, and then said, "Charles has gone to rest. You are not welcome here. Just get out!"

The ill humor in both Violet Xing's eyes and tone were obvious enough for everyone in the room to capture. Amanda Zhang seemed rather gloating.

James Mu frowned at his wife, "Violet, watch your manners."

"Hum." Violet Xing looked back at James Mu and shivered at the coldness and anger in his eyes. She opened her mouth but failed to say anything else, so she looked away with a snort.

Linda pretended not to hear Violet Xing's last sentence. It was too irrational to have a row with Violet Xing. After all, Linda was here for Charles Mu.

But gone to rest? Nice try. Paul was no liar, and there must be some explanations for Charles Mu's sudden faint. So Linda called doctor Anna Xu and asked her to come over on their way to the clan.

Linda glanced over everyone in the living room with a gentle smile on, "Gone to rest? Very well. Paul, take me to Young Master's room. I will stay for the night as well."

"Who gave you the permission to stay over? What is wrong with you?" Violet Xing's fury surged up within her once again.

Paul knew where Charles Mu's room was, so Linda followed him out of the living room without sparing another look at Violet Xing, Leaving the four stunned parents behind.

James Mu's inquiring stare followed Linda as she walked away, and then he said to himself, "This is interesting. No wonder that Charles is into her."

And then James Mu suddenly noticed the dragon ring on Linda's finger. He was rather surprised that Charles had given her the ring

they soon reached Charles Mu's room.

Worrying about her daughter, Amanda Zhang came as well, along with Violet Xing, James Mu, Bob Qi.

Linda pushed the door open and caught a glimpse of two entwining bodies.

"How dare you drug me?" Charles Mu's eyes were bloodshot because of the powerful drug Amy Qi gave him.

Charles Mu knew something was wrong when he woke up with Amy Qi lying in his arms, and he soon felt his body was burning.

With his strong self-control, Charles Mu managed to suppressed the fire burning inside when the drug began to take effect.

But he was losing it as time went by. He was getting confused and started to mistake Amy Qi for the woman he loved.

"No, Charles, I didn't!"

Amy Qi was startled when Linda pushed in, but she soon calmed herself down. Charles Mu had lost control and climbed on top of her, which encouraged her to act even more boldly.

Charles Mu was about to dash into the bathroom and take a cold shower. However, the thirst brought by the drug seemed never to be quenched. He was giving up to the fire burning inside and starting to mistake Amy Qi for Linda.

Charles Mu was like a wild beast who could only repeat the same word in hoarse whisper, "Linda... Linda..."

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