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   Chapter 44 Come To Charles Mu's Rescue

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Bun looked down at her phone, "It's 10:47, I can make it to the Mu's main house by 11:10 if we leave now."

"Let's go and get him back." Linda opened the door on her side and hopped into the passenger seat without any hesitation, and Bun immediately started the car.

The vehicle was roaring and dashing out of the underground garage.

Linda knew it was too unlikely to be a coincident. What were the odds that the Qis were suddenly invited over for dinner and that Charles Mu fainted right when he was about to go back to the villa. On top of it all, Amy Qi was the one who offered to take care of him.

Though everything was in a mess, Linda knew clearly she was right about this matter.

"My Lady, please don't worry. It's the Mu's main house, and His Lordship and Her Ladyship are there as well. I'm sure Young Master will be fine." Bun tried to make Linda feel better as she drove speedily.

She was worried to see Linda in a frown.

Linda then shook her head, "It's not like that. I was thinking about how we should do this when we get there. You know that your Young Master's mother is never fond of me, and I barely know his father. Besides, the Qis are all there as well."

Bun was smart enough to understand what Linda meant, "I know, My Lady. I bet it's all Amy Qi's doing. She wanna help Young Master? I'm afraid she wanna help herself to something else!"

"Hm" Linda was suddenly amused by Bun's words.

"Bun, you are so naughty when you talk dirty."

"Really? It's not quite dirty to me anyway. I bet you have no idea what they've been talking in the force, and I dare say you know nothing about being naughty, " replied Bun with a pouty smirk.

The car sped along on the road and stopped in front of the Mu's main house at 11:07, which was 3 minutes earlier than Bun's expectation.

Paul had been waiting at the door all along and finally felt at ease when he saw Linda and Bun getting out of the car, "My Lady, you're here.'"

"Yes, let's go and bring your Young Master home."

"I know where Young Master is. Should we just go straightly for him?" asked Paul.

"No, to the

ds any more."

"Don't you know me, Amanda? I'm Amy's sworn mother, and I love her no less than you do. Speaking of the betrothal, it's His Lordship. He made a promise to his sweetheart back then. And now look at the mess we are in. I can't tell you how angry I am, but I can tell you that I will never allow that woman to become my daughter-in-law, not if I can help it."

Amanda Zhang then nodded with satisfaction, "I know you won't. You know what, now that the kids are alone in the room, are you thinking what I'm thinking..."

"I certainly am... Don't worry, I'll make sure that Charles won't turn his back on Amy this time..."


They were having a good time planning to hook Charles and Amy up when the servant came to report, "My Lady, My Lady. Lady Linda Xia is here."

Violet Xing sprung up abruptly while removing her facial mask, and then she murmured in a frown, "What is she here for?"

Amanda Zhang then sat up as well. She seemed more upset than Violet Xing for she was worried that Linda was here to spoil the night, "What happened here? What's that skank doing here?"

Violet Xing, Amanda Zhang, James Mu and Bob Qi arrived at the living room almost at the same time.

Resting on the luxurious couch, Linda was gracefully sipping the tea served by the servants, with Paul and Bun standing behind her.

"My Lord, My Lady. Where is Charles? I'm here to pick him up."

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