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   Chapter 43 Are You Jealous

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It had caused Amy Qi a lot of troubles to get the drug as it was banned domestically for its extremely intense effect.

Amy Qi breathed deeply while gently caressing Charles Mu's handsome face, and then her fingers trailed down slowly to his throat, As she undid the buttons one after another...

However, Charles Mu's phone suddenly rang and then Amy Qi jumped to her feet like a thief being caught on the spot.

She then took Charles Mu's phone out of his pocket and saw the name on the screen: Paul Mu.

Amy Qi was once again in panic but she managed to calm herself down.

She didn't decline the call, fearing that it would arouse Paul's suspicion.

The phone stopped ringing after a few seconds, and then a text came in.

"Young Master? Where are you? I've done the research you asked for. When would you like to go back?"

Amy was curious about Charles's investigation and wondered what was so important that he should send out his most trusted man. It seemed a matter of great importance.

Amy Qi went back to the main screen after reading the text, and then she was curious about the secrets Charles Mu's kept in his phone...

She wanted to know each and every single detail about the man she had loved for all these years...

However her soft face was twisted again when she saw the screen saver on the main screen.

It was that minx!

She had thought that Charles Mu only played with that woman for fun.

Then why on earth did he use her photo as his screen saver?

In the photo Linda was cooking in the kitchen with an apron over her dress. Her lustrous black hair was tied simply behind her neck with a hair band. She looked like a gorgeous goddess even in such a setting.

Amy Qi felt like exploding with jealousy at this warm and sweet picture.

Amy Qi noticed Charles Mu's pocket looked still lumpy when she was about to put his phone back. She glanced at Charles Mu, who was still unconscious and woundn't wake up in a few minutes. Amy Qi hesitated for a moment and then reached for his pocket again.

It was a recorder.

Amy Qi then turned the recorder on and heard a recorded conversation.

"Walker Chen


"Well, Young Master stopped by the Bureau for the files of Walker Chen's case, and then he sent me to picked up Lord Qi, Her Ladyship and Lady Qi to the Mu's main house. When we arrived there, Young Master had some errands for me to run, which took me hours. And it had already passed ten when I'm finished. I didn't see Young Master so I called him, several times, but he never answered. Then Her Ladyship told me that Young Master was not well after dinner, and he will stay for the night. But I felt something was wrong about the whole thing."

"Something's wrong? How?"

"Well, I talked to the servants waiting on table later on. According to their stories, Young Master was about to leave the house when he passed out all of a sudden. And Lady Qi volunteered to take care of Young Master and then took him back to his room... And I happened to be told that the room Lady Qi had been staying used to be Young Master's room..."

Paul quickly took Linda through what happened since the afternoon, and Linda knew Paul was right as he went on. Charles Mu was so strong as a horse, then how could it be possible that he just fainted out of no reason?

And it was right on the night when the Qis were invited over for dinner, and Amy Qi happened to be the one who volunteered to look after him.

What was Amy Qi up to?

Linda hung up and turned to Bun, "Bun, how soon can you drive to the Mu's main house from here?"

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