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   Chapter 42 The Ill-Intended Dinner Party

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"Well, for Amy Qi's sake, five minutes will do. Remember, on her face only."

"Yes, My Lady, " replied Bun. Linda then went downstairs.

The earlier conversation with Charles Mu didn't end up well, and then he left for the Mu's clan without saying anything else to her, which somehow vexed Linda for rest of the afternoon.

As Amy Qi's best friend, Sarah Shen took a stand at the very beginning that she never wanted to make it easy for Linda Xia.

Linda therefore showed no mercy back.

"Never attack others unless attacked. And double your attacks when you take your revenge, " Linda had always lived up to the principle.

There was no room for mercy when it came to those who had hurt her before.

Following Linda's order, Bun beated Sarah Shen right on her face for five whole minutes before she came downstairs.

Sarah Shen then was left alone, huddling up and sobbing in the corner of her office. Her face was horribly swollen up.

No one had ever done anything like this to her before.

Linda was waiting for Bun downstairs. Five minutes later, Bun showed up and drove her back to the Mu's villa.

The Mu's main house.

The splendid living room was bathed in the soft light of the crystal chandelier. The Mus and The Qis were gathering for a nice and warm family dinner.

James Mu was in high spirit. Though it had been quite a while since they last met, Bob Qi and he went back a long way.

They were so devoted to catching up and totally 【forgot about the time】. It had already passed ten before they were aware.

"Well, how about sleeping over tonight? It's too late. You can go back home tomorrow." Sitting next to Amanda Zhang, Violet Xing made the offer with a gentle smile.

James Mu agreed with a nod, "Right, just make yourself at home."

"That's it. Amy is going to be our daughter-in-law after all. It's better for her to get used to it in advance, " said Violet Xing while gently patting Amy Qi's little hand.

James Mu glanced at Violet Xing, "Violet, Charles had already been engaged to Lady Linda."

"So what? Have you asked Charles yet? Is he supposed to marry someone he doesn't even like just because you want him to?"

Mother, perhaps Charles is too tired. Let me help him to his room. He'd better stay there and have some rest, " said Amy Qi docilely.

Violet Xing had always wanted to pair them off and was eager to see things work out between them. Then she nodded and let Amy Qi take over, "Fine."

Amy Qi had slept in Charles Mu's room the other night, naturally she knew where it was.

"Well. I'm sure Amy will take good care of Charles. We have so much to catch up on. How about we go for a walk in the garden?" Amanda Zhang knew her daughter well, thus she tried to distract Violet Xing and leave Amy Qi and Charles Mu alone for whatever was going to happen.

Amy Qi spent every ounce of her energy to carry Charles Mu back to his room.

Amy Qi sat beside Charles Mu after putting him onto the bed, trying to catch her breath and clam her pounding heart.

She reached out her hand and gently caressed his forehead, across his pointy nose and down to his sexy thin lips.

Her fingers were trembling in excitement. She only had ten minutes before Charles Mu woke up.

Amy Qi bought the servant off with ¥10, 000 to dip Charles Mu's tableware in the drug she had prepared before the dinner party.

It was an powerful aphrodisiac, though it was slightly different from any other of its kind.

The person who had been drugged would pass out for a while, and then he would mistake the woman in front of him as the one he longed for when he woke up.

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