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   Chapter 41 How Long Should I Beat her

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Sarah Shen's lips were trembling with anger.

She then pointed at Linda with a threat, "Watch yourself. Should I remind you that this is the Public Security Bureau? And I'm the Deputy Direct-General! You've gone way too far! Attacking public servants will put you behind bars!"

"Am I the one who went too far or are you? Come on, Lady Shen, just knock it off. Aren't you just trying to mess up with me for your bestie? Is that so hard to admit?" Linda frowned impatiently at Sarah Shen on the ground.

Sarah Shen freaked out at Linda's knowing of the friendship between Amy Qi and her, then she shouted out, "Do you really think marrying to Charles Mu would make you the lady of the Mu clan? Is that even likely? That such a perfect man as Young Master Mu himself will actually like you? Come on! He belongs to Amy!"

"You've got something on your teeth." Linda stared at her mouth in sudden excitement.

Caring particularly about her image, Sarah Shen wiped her mouth unconsciously as she heard Linda's words. But then she saw the sneer in Linda's face and figured out that Linda was only playing with her.

Sarah Shen was instantly flooded by rage. How dare this woman slap her and treat her like a fool.

No one had done anything like that to her since the day she was born.

She was always the one to slap and play with people, not the other way around.

So Sarah Shen definitely wanted to slap back to make it even.

She managed to stand up while regreting her decision of coming to work in high heels. But it didn't matter, nothing would stop her from slapping Linda Xia back.

However, just as Sarah Shen was about to raise her hand, Bun slapped her right in the face. Though small and slender, Bun was much more strong than Linda Xia. Sarah Shen's face immediately swelled up and blood was oozing from her lips.

"Can you just talk? without all the dramas?" Linda took a deep sigh, wondering why this woman was so keen on slapping people.

She just wanted the files of Walker Chen's case for her further investigation. Why was that so difficult?

"How dare you slap me, you lowly servant!" Sarah

ound 1 in the afternoon. We don't have any copies for now."

Sarah Shen turned to Linda Xia with obvious fear in her eyes after she hung up the phone. Linda then walked toward her desk with a smile on. Her bright eyes were fixed on Sarah Shen, "Well?"

"Young Master Mu had been here and picked up all the files at 1 in the afternoon."

Linda was stunned for a second.

Then she secretly cursed, "Damn you, Charles Mu! Didn't you say you are not going to fetch the files? Then why the heck have you come? You liar!"

Linda Xia had already scolded Charles Mu as many times as she could within a few seconds.

Then it striked her again that Charles Mu's return to the Mu clan was for the family party with the Qis. A mixed feeling started to bubble inside Linda's heart...

Linda then crouched down and smilingly looked at Sarah Shen with her hands holding her head.

"Well, I see. You mean you can't hand over the files to me, am I right?"

Sarah Shen hastened to shake her head in terror, "No, we have a deal. It's not like I don't want to give you the files, but your fiance had already fetched them. I don't have them right now."

"I said that you give me the files and we will leave you alone, right? But you didn't. So..." Linda's voice was getting colder as her uttered those words.

Bun understood Linda's message instantly and then raised her fists, "My Lady, how long should I beat her?"

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