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   Chapter 40 A Slap On Your Face

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Sarah Shen was about to meet the so-called Lady of the Mu clan after Andy Wei left.

Then she thought it would be too easy for Linda if she just went downstairs like this.

She had better leave Linda hanging for a while.

Then she picked up her phone and started to type a text.

"Amy, guess who's here in my office?"

"Who is that?"

"The fiancee of your beloved Charles!"

"What is that harlot there for?"

"She is here for some files. I've got your back, and I'll teach her some lessons for you!"

"You are my bestie, thanks! I've got to go. Charles had sent someone for me."

Downstairs stood Linda who was looking up at the office above, and there was not a single sound coming from the bright corridor.

The one upstairs was obviously not planning on coming down in the first place.

"My Lady, I'm afraid Sarah Shen is playing with us. I've been here before with Young Master, and it took no more than a minute to get what we need."

Said Bun while gazing upon upstairs.

"Well, I think we have some troubles here." Linda nodded while kept her brain processing at high speed, trying to figure out how they could acquire those files.

She would not ask Charles Mu for help this time, not if she could help it.

Bun stared at Linda's contemplative face for a while, and then there was a sudden glint of cunning sparkling in her big eyes.

She then whispered in Linda's ears, "My Lady, it's alright. Sarah Shen is not going to stand in your way. So long as I am here, we will get the files. Trust me."

"But how?"

"I was in the armed police force. Technically, my military rank is two-rank higher than hers."

Linda stunned for a second, looking at Bun with her watery eyes in admiration.

Bun was really awesome! She was a officer? In armed police force?

Deputy Direct-General of the Public Security Bureau ranked at least a Major in military.

However, there was a difference between police rank and military rank, in which the latter was one-rank higher by comparison.

If Bun was two-rank higher, then she would be at least a colonel in this case.

Linda then couldn't help wondering why Bun would rather stay beside Charl

ng up from the couch, and then reached one of her fairly white little hands out to grab Sarah Shen's arm, While her another hand straightly gave Sarah Shen a slap in her face.

Sarah Shen staggered in her high heels before she fell to the ground.

Linda regretted having done that right after the slap, "Ouch. Bun, my hand hurts!"

She just slapped her too hard, Because she was so angry. Ever since Bun took the slap from Violet Xing for her, Linda had sworn to herself that she would never ever let Bun get slapped again for her.

Back then Bun simply had no other options but took it because the culprit was Charles Mu's mother.

Amazed by what Linda had done, and Bun hurried to take Linda's hands and softly blew onto them, "Let me see, My Lady. It's turning red."

Sitting on the ground with a slap mark on her face, Sarah Shen suddenly felt all the blood was flooding into her face.

And her pretty face was twisted with fury and embarrassment.

"Don't you dare!" yelled she in a trembling voice while looking at Linda in astonishment.

"Are you seriously asking me if I dare to slap you when I've already slapped you right in your face? Should I slap you again then? To make sure you know?" Linda shook her hands while gazing down upon Sarah Shen as if she had been talking to a moron.

How on earth did this woman of all people become Deputy Direct-General of Municipal Public Security Bureau? How could she be so stupid?

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