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   Chapter 39 The Universe Had a Sense of Humor

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Seeing that someone came to bother her with such a trivial stuff, Sarah Shen put on an irritated look and said, "Andy Wei, how long have you been working here? You should know better than bothering me with such trivial problem. Or have you found this job too demanding and want to quit?"

After finishing her words, Sarah Shen lowered her head and returned to exchanging messages with her best friend.

"Sarah, you have no idea how irritating that girl is."

"Well, Amy. Don't be mad. Didn't you say that today is about your family visiting the Mu clan? Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. And don't forget to use what I have prepared for you."

"Haha, I've already told my sworn mother. She said she would help me..."

"That's good. Young Master Mu was just trying out something new. That's all. That's why he hasn't broken the engagement yet. You understand that, right? Even a king would like to try out some homely meals once in a while after all the dainty foods.

Andy Wei was deeply troubled by those words, as he could not afford to offend both sides.

This woman in front of him was not to be underestimated, for she, being a young and pretty girl, had already risen to rank of Deputy Director-General after only two years in the bureau. She would not have managed to pull this off without the influence of her powerful family.

However, she was indeed a bit high-maintenance and if someone ever did something that would upset her, she would make this person's life very miserable.

"Well, Director Shen, those two down there should not be taken lightly. One of them called herself Bonny Lu and she was one asking for the Director General Zhang, and the other one said she is the Lady of the Mu clan."

"The Lady of the Mu clan? What Mu clan?"

The mentioning of the Mu clan stroke a deep chord with Sarah Shen and she lowered her cellphone and asked.

"It's got to be the fiancee of the Young Master Mu, the CEO of the Mu company. It's been said that she was engaged to the Young Master Mu."

Andy Wei could think of no other Mu clan that would dare to ask for files from the public security bureau.

That girl downstairs wouldn't happen to be the Lady that Amy had described as being lost since birth and raised in the slum, would she?

Amy Qi and Sarah Shen were good friends growing up and they were very close.

They were both

be very beautiful, especially when she smiled.

It was no wonder that Young Master Mu should be attracted to this woman, even though he was rarely seen with a woman and was known for his high standard when it came to choosing his lover.

"Go on, off you go. I will let this one slide. I don't care what you do during work hour, but I warn you. The police is supposed to serve the public, so act like a public servant and treat the common folk a bit nicer, understand?" said Linda, whose tinny face suddenly put on a stern look.

Nodding his head in a flurry, Andy Wei looked like a little chick pecking at the rice.

It looked like he was off the hook. To him, this Lady of the Mu clan was pretty nice, unlike that one upstairs, who were usually willful and nitpicking and would make a fuss over any trivial stuff.

So Andy Wei thought he should warn Linda in advance.

"Lady Mu, you are a nice fellow and I want to give you a bit of advice... The Deputy Director-General is not a good-tempered fellow. When I relayed your request, she seemed not inclined to grant you that favor, so..."

Linda and Bun exchanged a look.

"Don't say I told you that."

"What's the name of this Deputy Director-General?" asked Bun.

After thinking for a while, Andy Wei replied, "I think the name is 'Sarah Shen' "

Upon hearing this name, Bun immediately understood why they were kept waiting for so long and why this Deputy Director-General never showed her face and refused to give them the files.

"Jeez, My Lady. I've heard of this Sarah Shen. She is the best friend of Amy Qi!"

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