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   Chapter 38 Fetch the Files Of Walker Chen's Case

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Young Master would jump to his Bugatti Veyron and hit the road everytime he was mad or upset. And this time was no exception.

Sean Zhang, the Direct-General of SH Municipal Public Security Bureau, was married to Charles Mu's cousin Christina Mu and became his brother-in-law. Knowing that Charles Mu was here for the files of Walker Chen's case, he received Charles Mu himself and commanded the staff to do whatever Charles Mu wanted.

Sean Zhang was only a ordinary office worker in Intelligence Section of the Municipal Bureau before marrying to Christina Mu. Naturally he owed his present position to this brother-in-law and the Mu clan.

Why would the Mu clan do him the favor? Certainly it's because he married the right woman.

Ten minutes later, Charles Mu left the Bureau with a file folder and a recorder.

Charles Mu skimmed through the file and made a gesture at Paul sitting in the backseat when he got into his car.

Paul then got out of the car and walked to the side of driver's seat, "Young Master?"

"You go to the Qi clan and pick them up."

"But Young Master, you just said you are going yourself."

Charles Mu then knocked Paul on his head with the folder impatiently, "Alright, that's enough. Just do as you're told."

Tired and drowsy, Linda soon fell asleep and didn't wake up until it's dark.

Linda sat up and shook her head, trying to shake off the pain in her head. Then she found Bun standing at the door when she was about to go downstairs.

"My Lady, you're up. Would you like something to eat?"

Bun noticed that Linda's bright eyes were slightly swollen.

"No." Linda shook her head. She was not in the mood for eating.

Linda remembered that Paul said there were something about Walker Chen's case, and the files were in the Public Security Bureau, then she asked, "Bun, Paul said he has found something about Walker Chen's case earlier this afternoon, do you know which branch of the Public Security Bureau it would be?"

"That should be the Municipal Bureau."

"Do you know how to get there? Can you drive me there for those files?"

Linda thought that Charles's refusal was clear

this one? I need to report."

"This is Young Master Mu's wife, the lady of the Mu's clan."

Andy Wei only wish he could start all over again so he could make it up. He was in a fret because he was struggling in the final stage of his game.

Besides, those who he usually dealt with were just common citizens, and they could do nothing about his rough attitude except useless moans and groans.

"Well, please have a seat while you wait, I'll report for you." Andy Wei secretly wiped his sweat and hurried up to the office on second floor.

He was so focused on his game that he didn't even noticed Sean Zhang had gone already.

And then he saw the light from the office of the Deputy Director-General. Would the Deputy Director-General do?

Those two wome were certainly not nobodies.

Then he knocked at the door, And heard the crisp voice coming from the office, "Come in."

Andy Wei pushed in and replied, "Deputy Shen, there are two women downstairs and they want some files of a recent case."

Sarah Shen was engaged in exchanging texts with her best friend, Who went to Britain for study three years ago and was home recently, and Sarah Shen wanted to ask her out for a catching-up.

Though Sarah Shen hadn't met her best friend yet, she had heard that the man her best friend had a crush on for years were engaged to another woman, and she couldn't wait for another minute to take the cudgel up for her.

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