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   Chapter 37 His Action Told a Different Story

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Charles kept his voice down.

He leaned over to Linda and whispered those intimate words to her ear.

Linda blushed a bit more as Charles drew close.

"Go away! I am changing your dressing. Get your hand off me." said Linda while she pushed Charles away in order to break free from his hug.

Charles hugged Linda ever more tightly and had not the slightest intention of letting her go. During the struggle, Linda accidentally pressed on Charles's wound.

Letting out a gasp of pain, Charles face went deathly pale.

In a panic, Linda froze still and asked tentatively, "Well? Are you OK?"

"Not OK."

"I've told you not to move. Look where it has led you..."

Before she could finish her words, her lips were kissed by Charles.

"Charles Mu, let go of me! You pervert, scum!"

Said Linda with a slightly irritated tone. Although she was angry, her voice now sounded a lot less intense than it was before.

"Linda, "

A hint of yearning flashed through his eyes as Charles tightened his hug. It looked as if a wild beast was proclaiming its sovereignty over its turf.

"Cut if off. We have an agreement and you promised not to force yourself on me."

Although overwhelmed, Linda still maintained her senses and something told her that she should reject his aggression.

She wanted to reserve that moment with someone she loves. However, with Charles, she could not tell if she loved him or not.

They were just putting on a show. She could play along when they were in public.

But she could not bear the thought of doing it for real.

"I did not force myself on you. I am asking now."

Linda hesitated as she could hear the sound of Charles's pounding heart.

"No, let go of me, Charles Mu."

However, Charles didn't stop at

terred everyone.

Why would this Young Master Mu consent to this engagement?

He must have gotten bored of all the conventional Ladies of wealthy families and wanted to have a change of taste instead.

Bun had come into the room once to check on her. Linda simply shook her head and told her that she was exhausted and just needed a good rest.

All Bun could do is drawing close the curtain and closing the door. She then headed to the kitchen and had the chefs prepare some desserts for Linda to eat when she woke up.

Bun was told that sweet food could lighten up people's mood.

Meanwhile, Paul was driving closely behind Charles in another car in full sweat.

Paul was worried as Charles was racing at the speed of 200 mph and he was having a hard time catching up with his Young Master.

It was way too fast and way too dangerous.

Luckily, Paul was not a lousy driver and he barely managed to catch up with Charles.

Paul broke out a smile when he saw Charles's car pull up in front of the police station. He was convinced that those two must have had a fight a while back. Although Charles refused to help Linda, his action told a different story.

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