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   Chapter 36 Should I Cool You Off

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Linda ran out of words.

"When did you stop playing by the rules? I'm just sorry for your little pretty."

"Just mind your own business." Charles Mu then took a spoonful of the soup and carefully blew onto it before drinking it.


Amy Qi's face went ghastly pale comparing with her pink dress. She gnashed her teeth and said, "Charles, please taste my soup. It has dozens of precision and rare medicines."

Charles Mu put down his spoon and looked at Amy Qi, "Did you make it yourself?"

Charles Mu's words cheered Amy Qi up. She opened the box and took the soup out, "Huh? Yes, Charles, I made it myself. I got up extra early this morning to make the soup for you."

Amy Qi then unscrewed the cap of the thermal container, from which a pleasing herbal scent wafted through the air.

"Charles, how is my handmade soup? Does it smell good?" said Amy Qi with a smile while touching her nose.

Linda Xia squinted at Amy Qi. The soup was not likely made by Amy Qi.

"I don't know Lady Qi can make soup, " said Linda with a smile on.

"What a funny thing to say! I certainly can make soup."

When answering Charles Mu's question, Amy Qi said a 'Huh' before deliberately repeating Charles Mu's words to make herself sounded sincere.

But she repeated it once again. That's the problem.

According to micro expressions, a stiff answer is typical of a clumsy liar.

Besides, Amy Qi's unconscious touch on her nose also gave her away.

When people lie, the blood will flow backward to their faces and congest the sponges in their noses, which makes the nose uncomfortable.

Therefore, people touch their noses unconsciously when they tell lies.

"Can you? I'm just surprised that you've got the secret recipe of the Renxin Tang. What did you put in your soup?"

Said Charles Mu calmly, with his black sharp eyes fixing on Amy Qi with coldness.

Amy Qi was scared all of

d their hearts would started beating fast at what they saw.

All in all, it was the perfect physique.

Linda acted as if nothing was going on in her mind. Then she just took the dressing from Dr.Xu and sat beside Charles Mu.

"You're blushing. Are you shy?" said Charles Mu leisurely.

Linda rolled her eyes at Charles Mu and then unconsciously touched her face, which was slightly hot.

Then she just said, "What are you talking about? It's called capillary congestion, got it?"

"Hmm? Then why are your capillaries congesting? And why are your ears blushing as well?" Charles Mu touched Linda Xia's ear while whispering, "And it's hot."


Linda suddenly realized she had made a mistake... The capillaries would only expand when excessive amount of blood flushed to the ears...

And why would the blood flow through her ears?

Because Linda... was shy...

Linda couldn't stop her blushing and pounding heart although it was not the first time for her to see his body.

She tried to focus on his wound and wouldn't dare to look into Charles Mu's eyes.

Charles Mu grabbed Linda Xia's little hand all of a sudden while his another hand reached for her waist. With a slight pull, Linda fell into his arms.

"Should I cool you off?"

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