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   Chapter 35 Why Should I Coax Her

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Linda really wanted to pretend that she was not home if she could. She just wanted to enjoy the refreshing breeze in the garden and wait for Charles Mu.

But Amy Qi had invited herself in.

"Linda Xia, show yourself! Why don't you let me in? Who do you think you are?" Amy Qi's 3-inch high heels were clicking on the gravel road led to the garden.

Her screeching voice obviously arrived far more quickly than her steps.

Amy Qi was always playing the gentle and docile little woman in front of Charles Mu.

However, since Charles Mu wasn't there, Amy Qi didn't bother to hide herself anymore.

Reclining on the longue, Linda didn't even opened her eyes to look at Amy Qi. "Lady Qi, do you know you are trespassing private estate?"

Amy Qi despised Linda for acting like the hostess of the house, "Trespassing? Come on, Linda Xia, just knock it off. This house belongs to the Mu's clan, not the Xia's."

"It's my fiance's, naturally it's mine."

"Pooh! Linda Xia, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Do you really think Charles like you? Oh, wake up, will you? It's only because of uncle Mu. You just wait and see!"

Amy Qi looked around the villa.

It was bigger than the main house of the Mu's clan with better views and designs.

She went jealous again. It should have been the house of Charles Mu and her, Rather than this minx standing before her.

Linda clearly had no intention to waste her time and energy to quarrel with Amy Qi.

"Just say it, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here for Charles."

"Well, he's not here, you can just leave. I want to take a nap." Linda waved her hands dismissively.

"No, don't you kick me out. I will wait for Charles right here!" Amy Qi tried to suppress her rage and glanced at the box she carried with.

Inside the box was a thermal container filled up with tonic soup for Charles Mu.

"Fine, suit yourself. Bun, let's go back inside and have some rest."

Linda rised from he

glance at Linda and then the soup in front of him, with a ghost of smile between his lips.

Was this woman competing with Amy Qi? It was truly interesting.

Amy Qi was getting more furious. Why was this woman going against her at every turn? She brought the soup for Charles Mu and Linda did too?

"Hmm? What's this?" Charles Mu looked Linda Xia right in her eyes and asked.

"Apple, red date and walnut soup." answered Linda honestly.

"Linda Xia, what kind of soup you were trying to make? Apples? Red dates? And walnuts? Are you kidding? How could Charles eat these things?"

Linda Xia gave Amy Qi a cold glance, "What the hell is it to you whether he eats it or not?"

"You! You are so rude! You must have left your manners in that slum that you once called home."

"What the hell is it to you whether I have my manners or not?"

"Charles!" Amy Qi was about to lose the battle to Linda Xia, then she turned to Charles Mu for help, with her eyes full of tears that were ready to drop any minute.

Charles Mu just sat still on his chair.

Linda looked at Amy Qi then poked Charles Mu with her finger, "Your sister seemed about to burst. Aren't you going to coax her?"

"If I coax her as you tell me to, What would that make me?" said Charles Mu while raising his eyebrows.

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