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   Chapter 34 Making Soup

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Then Amy Qi suddenly burst into tears, "Mother, I miss Charles so much. I haven't been away that long. How could he be engaged?"

Violet Xing took a deep sigh, "There, there. Haven't I told you that I'm on your side? Besides, it's only a fiancee. They haven't got married yet."

"But, wasn't the betrothal arranged by my father? He didn't want me as his daughter-in-law, did he?" Amy Qi kept on sobbing in a low voice.

Violet Xing was filled with anger whenever she thought of the betrothal. She didn't say anything, but she knew all about James Mu's secret crush on Sherry Nalan, Linda Xia's mother.

Her anger was revived everytime when she saw the resemblance of Sherry Nalan in Linda.

However, what's past was past, and there's no need to stir it up again in front of the children. Thus Violet Xing decided to keep the secret to herself.

"It's just a silly joke between your father and Lord Xia when they were young. He just didn't know how to turn him down later on. And Charles was too filial to go against his father. You just focus on making Charles fall for you and leave your father to me."

Violet Xing's words put Amy Qi's mind at rest.

Amy Qi then stopped her whining and grabbed Violet Xing's arm like a little child, "I know you love me."

"Now, listen to me. You are going to make some tonic soup and bring it to Charles. Men all like thoughtful wives. The point is that you have to do this before Linda Xia, and Charles will consider you to be the one worthy of his hand in marriage."

Amy Qi was cheered up by the idea. Then she thought again and her smile began to fade, "But, mother, I don't know anything about making soups..."

"My child, you don't have to. I've already set things up for you. I've sent for the experienced traditional Chinese doctors from Rexin Tang earlier in the morning. They have a secret prescription to enrich blood. The maids are making the soup in the kitchen, and you just wait for 3 more hours and drop it off to Charles's. And then you will join him for lunch."

Violet Xing dotingly said to Amy Qi and then slightly touched her nose.

"I know. Thank you, mother!"


The security guard tried to drive Amy Qi away with an excuse.

Amy Qi was pissed off. "I'm not here for her! It's Charles that I want to see!"

"Young Master is not home."

"You..." Amy Qi's fairly white fingers was shaking as she pointed at the security guard in fury. How dare a lowly security guard tell her what to do?

She was the Lady of the Qi clan, and no one had done such things to her.

The security guard was desperate when he saw Amy Qi's furious face, but he had been given an explicit order to deny her entry and so he tried again, "Would you like to wait here for Young Master?"

What? Wait here? How can it be! How could she!

Amy Qi walked straightly pass the front door with her soup and high-heels.

The security guard hurried up and tried to stop her, "Lady Qi, you can't break in like this!"

"Get out of my way! Have you no idea who I am? Try and stop me again, and you're going to wish you didn't." Amy Qi shouted at him.

The security guard trembled and gave up.

Linda was lying on the garden with her eyes closed, enjoying her moment of relax while being surrounded by the blue sky, floating cloud and the breeze.

Everything was perfect, Except...

The noise. Even it's 100 yards from the garden, Linda could still hear Amy Qi screaming and fussing around at the front door.

Bun curled her lips, "Lady Qi is quite the screamer, we could hear her even from here."

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