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   Chapter 33 I'll Beat The Crap Out Of Her

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"Hold still."

Charles Mu closed his eyes with his strong arm holding Linda and his hands on her tummy. Then he did nothing more.

Linda was getting more and more sleepy, so she found a cozy spot in his arms and soon fell asleep.

Thank goodness their wounds were on the same side of arms, otherwise either of them would bound to have the wound pressed in such a position.

The next day.

It was about 8 a.m. when Linda woke up, and Charles Mu had already left.

She rolled over in their bed, and she could still smell Charles Mu.

She never knew that she could sleep so tight when there was someone else lying next to her.

He smelled good. It was Charles Mu's unique smell.

Linda caressed Charles Mu's pillow and spent some more time on the bed before she got up.

After dressing herself up, Linda opened the door and found Bun was waiting at the door.

"Bun, you don't have to wait like this. I will call you when I'm up or when I need something."

Linda noticed that Bun was always waiting by the door in the morning when she woke up. It didn't seem necessary to Linda since she didn't need a maid for everything in her daily life.

"It's quite all right, My Lady, it's my job."

Linda could only shook her head and went downstairs. Her breakfast had already been prepared by the chef.

While enjoying her milk and sandwich, Linda looked at Bun standing beside, "Bun, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, I feel much better, My Lady. You don't have to worry about me."

"Damn, Charles Mu's mother was really a cold badass. Look at your face." Linda took a hard bite on her sandwich and couldn't help swearing.

Bun tilted her head and punched the air with her fists, "If she weren't Young Master's mother, I would have beat the crap out of her for bullying you. And her own mother wouldn't even recognize her after that."

Bun's little face was still swollen, but much better than last night.

Linda burst into giggles, "Then I shall watch closely how you do it next time."

"Have you seen a pig's head? That's about the size of it! Do you think her mother could recognize her from that?"

"Hahaha." Linda was amused by Bun's words and laughed so hard that her stomach started to hurt.

Linda fini

all over on Charles Mu's bed for the sleepless night. She greedily sniffed the smell on the quilt over and over again, and then closed her eyes, imaging Charles Mu was lying beside her.

Amy Qi swore to herself that she would have Charles Mu.

But she didn't know that Charles Mu had not slept in this room for six months, and everything in there from the quilt, sheets and even curtains were brand new.

And the smell of Charles Mu was only Amy Qi's own illusions.

After all, she had spent the last three years studying in Britain.

Amy Qi didn't sleep a wink for the whole night and had two black eyes in the morning. However, she tried to make herself looked better with her delicate make-up on.

Amy Qi went downstairs and found Violet Xing was having breakfast alone, then she asked with a smile, "Mother, why are you here by yourself? Where's father?"

"Your father has taken an interest in fishing recently. He left early in the morning and won't be back until noon. Come over and have some breakfast, I told them to prepare your favorite." Violet Xing shook her head with a smile.

James Mu's life had become quite cozy since he handed the presidency to Charles Mu. And the only decision he had to made was among fishing, hiking and travelling.

Amy Qi tried to smile back, "Thank you, mother."

Violet Xing was wondering why Amy Qi looked so pale and tired, then she asked worriedly, "What's going on? You don't look very well. Did you sleep well last night?"

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