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   Chapter 32 Amy QI Was Jealous

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Amy Qi didn't understand at first, "What do you mean?"

Then she realized that Linda was calling her a bitch. Her delicate face was crooked out of fury, "You..."

Violet had no time to waste on such quarrels. She turned to Anna Xu and asked in stern voice, "How is Charles? Is it serious?"

Anna Xu answered with a smile, "Young Master is fine. The bullet went through his shoulder was taken out during the surgery. The only problem is blood loss, and he could use some extra care for the moment."

"Should he stay here in the hospital?"

"There's no need. Just go home and rest for two weeks, then he will be alright."

Violet Xing felt relieved at last, then turned to Charles Mu, "Charles, come home with me. I will find someone to look after you."

Charles Mu shook his head calmly, "I'm fine, Linda will take care of me. There's no need to bother you."

Then Charles Mu glanced at Linda with rising eyebrows, "What are you looking at? Aren't you coming over to help me up?"

Linda gave Paul a look, summoning him to look after Bun for her, then she hurried to Charles's side to held him up.

Charles Mu was about to get up and put on his shoes.

"Slow down, let me help you." Linda gave Charles Mu a sweet smile. In comparison, sucking up to Charles seemed like a small price to pay if it meant that she could piss Amy Qi off.

Charles Mu stared at the woman squatting down before him and putting his shoes on for him. There was a subtle hint of mixed feeling in his eyes.

Linda carefully held her hands around his strong waist as he stood up and carried him toward the door.

Charles Mu put all his weight on Linda Xia, and she couldn't hold it anymore as it's getting more and more heavy when she was trudging out of the hospital.

"Hey, you jerk. That's enough! Don't push your luck!" Linda Xia gnashed her teeth.

Charles Mu put on an innocent face, "What? I'm injured, haven't you heard what Anna said? I've lost too much blood, so it's natural that my legs are too feeble to walk."

and softly rubbed Bun's face with the egg.

She would never allow such a pretty face to be ruined by any scar.

It was almost 1 a.m. in the morning when she had finished with Bun's face. Linda yawned and decided to go back to her bed.

Linda had already fallen asleep when Bun waked her up with the news that Charles Mu was in hospital.

She was tired and sleepy.

When Linda went back to her room, she found Charles Mu was still awake and sat on the bed. It's obvious that he was waiting for her.

"Where have you been?"

"Bun was slapped by your mother, I was helping her with her face," answered Linda honestly.

Charles Mu slightly nodded his head and then patted the other side of the bed, "It's 1 a.m., just sleep."

Linda was going to ask him about what happened when he sighed the contract, however, she saw the shadow of tiresome in his eyes and so she didn't say anything.

Linda took off her jacket and then climbed up the bed and turned her back to Charles Mu while slightly pulling the quilt to cover herself.

Charles Mu leaned closer and hugged her from behind the moment she lay down. His breath on Linda's neck made her felt itchy, and a weird feeling was sinking into her body.

"What are you doing, Charles Mu. Don't touch me! !" Thinking of his injured arm, Linda wouldn't dare to push Charles Mu away.

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