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   Chapter 31 Notre Dame de Paris Needs A Bell Ringer

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"Stop it, " said Charles with a cold and deep but magnetic voice.

Violet Xing knew that her son was awake. But she didn't stop because she intended to embarrass Linda in front of Amy Qi.

Amy Qi had always been her top candidate of daughter-in-law. And such a choice could also boost the Mu clan's overseas business in the future.

"Bun, stop her." Noticing Violet Xing's indifference, Charles Mu softly said again.

Bun was awaiting by the door. It was Charles Mu's order to stay at Linda's elbow for her safety and never left her side without his order.

Were it not for that she was only a servant, Bun would have already rushed into the room to stop Her Ladyship from slapping Linda.

Now that she had Charles Mu's order, Bun immediately dashed into the room and stood in front of Linda.

"Bonny Lu, get out of my way."

"Your Ladyship, Young Master want you to stop." Bun didn't back off. She was neither humble nor arrogant, just stood firmly to protect Linda Xia.

Violet Xing's hand up in the air was shaky out of fury, "How dare you. Had the Mu clan not taken you in, you would have starved on the street. And this is how you pay me back?"

Bun's bright eyes went a little gloomy and answered, "His Lordship had given me to Young Master. So I only take orders from Charles Mu. Please forgive me, Your Ladyship."

"Great...This is great!" Violet Xing was furious over the fact that a mere servant should dare contradict her words.

Violet Xing then slapped Bun right on her face, Leaving a clear red mark on Bun's left face. Although her head was in a whirl, Bun still stood in front of Linda Xia.

It's her job to stick to Young Master's orders.

One slap seemed not enough, so Violet Xing raised her hand again with the intention to give Bun another slap on her right face.

Linda couldn't stand it any longer. As the saying goes, look to the owner before you hit a dog. Bun was her maid who took care of her daily life since her arrival, and so she simply couldn't stand aside while other people bullied Bun like that.


is way?

"What did you just say? What Lady? Haven't you heard what my swornmother said? That she has never approved of this so-called daughter-in-law?" said Amy Qi after a angry stare at Linda Xia.

Anna Xu felt awkward for the moment and didn't know what to say. Had she known this ward had become a war zone, she would have chosen to come back later.

Linda Xia carried Bun to a chair in the corner and lowered her head to carefully check Bun's face. Violet Xing slapped Bun so badly that her face had swollen up.

Her pretty face became rather funny.

"If I'm not the daughter-in-law that she approved of, then could it be you?"

The angrier Linda got, the calmer she actually became.

Her silence didn't mean that she was the one to be bullied.

Amy Qi hesitated for a second and then peeped at Charles Mu with a slight blush, "Nonsense, Charles and I haven't quite gotten there."

Linda sneered at her words, "Well, you just came back from Britain?"

Amy Qi had no idea what Linda was up to, so she answered proudly, "Right. I'm studying at Cranfield School of Management."

Linda said nothing, and Amy Qi was getting prouder of herself, "You've never been to Britain, have you? That's one of the best colleges in Europe."

"Well, one of the best? Then I guess you will be more than qualified for the job as a bell ringer at Notre Dame de Paris."

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