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   Chapter 30 A Slap

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"What's wrong?" Waking up from a sound sleep with a start, Linda suddenly felt a hitch in her heart.

Rolling out of the bed, Linda hurriedly put on a coat and followed Bun out the door.

"I don't know. It's Paul. He said that Young Master was ambushed by a sniper on his way back home."

Charles Mu had an array of Mercedes lining up in the garage. Bun got in one of them and took the driving seat.

It had never occurred to Linda that Bun can drive.

When they first met, she came off to Linda as a cute, lovely maid. As it turned out, apart from being a maid and a bodyguard, Bun also knew quite a lot about other things too.

It took them half an hour to reach the hospital.

It was the same hospital to which Charles brought her when she had an injured arm.

Paul was there at the entrance to meet them. Linda asked,"Paul, where is your Young Master?"

"He is in the ward."

"Is he OK?"

"Nothing serious. Young Master dodged in time and the bullet only hit his arm."

"Well, I better go check on him," nodded Linda, who felt much relieved after the initial shock.

When she first learnt that Charles was hit by a sniper, her heart was racing so fast that she felt like it might pound right out of her chest.

She did not know what she was so afraid of.

"Thing is... My Lady."

Linda had already pushed the door open before Paul could finish his words. "Are you dead, Charles Mu?"

Linda regret having said that just as soon as those words left her mouth, As she found out that Charles wasn't alone in the room.

Sitting on Charles's bed was a beautiful girl who were pouring water for him. Meanwhile, Charles was lying in bed with his eyes closed. Linda could not tell if he was sleeping or that he was in a coma.

The girl turned around and cast a look on Linda.

In stark contrast to her exquisite make-up, Linda did not have any make-up on, yet her natural beauty outshone the worldly glamour, which made Amy Qi feel quite jealous.

"You are not allowed in here. Get out!" Wearing a cold, pretty face, Amy Qi pointed her finger with perfectly polished red, sexy nail at the door.

Linda was struck dumb. "Who the hell is she?

What gives her the right to boss me around?" thought Linda.

"What's it to you?" said Linda while standing at the door.

Linda was wearing a plain coat that she randomly grabbed from home, and perhaps that was what prompted Amy Qi to call the security, as she hated to waste a second on a nobody.

"Hello, security? How come we have so many irrelevant personnel walking about in the hospital? This isn't a public park you know! Come here at once and get this one out of here."

While she was making the call, Amy Qi kept glancing at Linda, thinking that this girl must have been a secret admirer of her dear Charles, who climbed over the wall and sneaked into the hospital.

The head of the security soon showed up with his team. However, they were stunned at the sight of Linda. They were caught between a rock and a hard place, as they could not afford to offend neither Linda, the Young Master's fiancee, nor Amy Qi.

That day, they all saw Charles Mu carry Linda into the hospital.

"Well, Lady Qi. Could this be a misunderstanding? I understand that Lady Linda is Young Master's fiancee," said the head of the security, who scratched his head out of embarrassment, bowing and scraping.

Those words came as a thunderstorm to Amy Qi.

Her dearest Charles was engaged?

What had happened?

Why wasn't she informed?

When did this come to be?

Amy Qi got a ton of questions to ask, but a cla

cking sound of high heels interrupted her.

It was Violet Xing.

Upon entering the room, Violet's face immediately turned sour when she saw Linda.

It was obvious that she did not want to see her.

Nonetheless, the presence of Amy Qi apparently softened the blow.

Though Violet too was surprised to find Amy here.


Amy Qi blurted. She then trotted up to Violet Xing and held her by the arm. Seeing as her sworn mother Violet had come, Amy Qi immediately dropped her attitude and came down from the high horse.

"Amy? You are back! Why haven't I been informed? I was just talking about you with Charles a couple days ago."

A hearty smile broke out on Violet's face as she stoked Amy's soft hand.

Lowering her head, Amy Qi answered with a bit of shyness,"I simply want to surprise you, mother."

"Well, now that you are back, you might as well stay with me for a couple of days and Charles could really use your help right now."

Amy Qi nodded her head obediently.

"Who is she, mother? The security says she is Charles's fiancee?" asked Amy in a rather gooey tone. She frowned her well-groomed eyebrows and cast a glance at Linda in disgust.

Violet Xing let out a sneer when her eyes met with Linda who were standing at the door,"Well, it is just a silly engagement made by Charles's father when he was young. I am not going to acknowledge her as my daughter in law anyway."

"You don't say. Mother, do you know that when she came into this room, the first thing she asked was that whether Charles is dead! What a dreadful girl! You will do well without a daughter in law as malicious as this."

As she said those words, Amy Qi kept sizing Linda up from head to toe.

The plain coat had not rendered her slim yet luscious body any less attractive, and her pretty, creamy face had only added to Amy's hostility towards her.

Any man would have fallen for such a pretty face.

"Lady Qi? What are you looking at? Something funny about my face?" said Linda while smiling.

"If I am not mistaken, then this Amy is obvious in love with Charles Mu.

No wonder she has been so hostile to me," thought Linda.

"You dare curse my son? ... Linda Xia! You have not been married into our house yet and you are already wishing him dead. Is my family's wealth that you are after? Violet Xing was furious. She had thought Linda to be a foul girl, and what Amy had told her proved her right.

Linda remained silent while Violet kept ranting at her. If she wanted to fight back, she would have done so with ease.

But after all, Violet Xing was the mother of Charles Mu, the grand Lady Mu. Now it was not a good time to be on bad terms with her. Linda was certainly in need of help from the Mu clan.

"Don't feel like talking? Would you care to explain why you want my son dead? I ought to teach you some manners!"

As far as Violet Xing was concerned, the Xia clan was but a leech sucking off the blood of the Mu clan, and this so-called Lady Xia was merely a daughter of a fallen house. To add insult to injury, Linda was not even a proper lady, as she was brought up in the lower class, and therefore not entitled to Violet's respect.

For the last decade, the business of the Mu clan had been thriving both in SH city and at the overseas market. As a result, Violet had been made a recipient of endless flattery from the ladies of many prestigious families, which had puffed up her pride to such extent that she had become rather a bully.

As her anger built up, she walked up to Linda and raised up her hand as if she was about to slap her on the face.

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