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   Chapter 29 Ambushed by a Sniper

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For a moment, it would seem as if the whole thing was ruined by her sudden outburst. Charles Mu looked at Linda in frustration and said,"You are such a spoilsport."

"You are a spoilsport. Now get you claw away from me."

Linda was a bit angry as she failed to understand why this man always made a move on her whenever and wherever he felt like it.

"And if I don't? What then?"

Charles did not have the slightest intention of removing his hand and instead kept caressing her body.

"Drop your hand, you shameless scum! Is that all you can do? Bullying a girl? There is no one here to watch us, so we might as well drop the act!"

Her otherwise pretty face was shrouded with impatience, as she felt rather unsettled by the incident involving Lisa Xia.

The gentle look in Charles's eyes changed, and with a sudden push of his hand around her waist, he pulled Linda further close into his arms.

Looking up, Linda was startled by what she saw.

The look in Charles's eyes had suddenly turned icy cold, which sent a chill down Linda's spin.

His discontent was made obvious by the frowned eye brows and his sullen look in the eyes,"Come again?"

As frightened as Linda was, her innate stubbornness still got the better of her,"I say you would let go of me."

Those words were followed by a sudden shriek as Linda was suddenly carried off the ground by the waist. In a fit of fear, she wrapped her hands around Charles's neck.

Looking up, Linda met with Charles's deep black eyes. She opened her mouth, yet words failed her.

"Waaaah." A sound of cry broke the air.

It was Linda.

Looking at her tearful eyes, Charles backed down.

Charles put her down onto the chair aside, whose cheek had reddened after the cry. "There, there. I suppose I am in the wrong. Would you stop crying?"

Sobbing with tear, Linda protested,"Suppose? You are in the wrong! We have agreed that you shall not touch me without my consent."

"Fine, fine. I would not touch you."

For reason Charles could not possibly fathom, he always went soft whenever he caught sight of this girl crying.

He could not help it, as if his otherwise cold heart was somehow melted away at the very sight of her.

Still sobbing with tears, Linda kept glimpsing Charles with her pretty eyes.

Not knowing what to do, Charles replied in frustration with his hand propping up his forehead,"I have already put you down. Why are you still crying?"

"Don't you want your spaghetti? Are you going to eat it or not? Look, it's going cold," said Linda while pointing at the spaghetti in the pan near the gas cooker.

"I am about to eat it. Who says anything about not eating it?"

Linda got up and fetched a new pair of chopsticks with which she picked up the noodles and putted them in two different plates, one big and one small.

She had that small plate to herself, whereas the big plate was for Charles, on which there was a substantial amount of noodles, weighing more than 500g.

"Well, I don't care how you plan to eat them all, but eat them you must," said Linda rather unreasonably as she shoved the plate in front of Charles.

Raising up his eye brows, Charles picked up the chopsticks and started eating without hesitation.

Linda simply sat aside and watched him eating the spaghetti with her head rested on her hands. As the last trace of tear on her face started to dry up, she too began to have some of the noodles.

Much to her surprise, Charles somehow did manage to eat the whole lot, and he had done so in a graceful manner.

He had eaten like 500g worth of noodles...


inda had hoped to let Paul and Bun have a taste of her cooking and that was why she made so many noodles.

"You actually pulled it off...Are you well?" asked Linda tentatively.

After all, Charles Mu had eaten more than was enough for one man right in front of her.

"Not so bad."

After finishing off spaghetti, Charles laid down his chopsticks and started to wipe his sexy lips with a tissue.

He looked as if he had made an visual art out of eating spaghetti.

Linda, meanwhile, began to find Charles quite handsome in the way he quietly ate his food.

The dazzling light of the chandelier had rather brought out his curled-up lips and chiseled side face.

For a moment, Linda thought that marrying Charles was not such a bad thing after all.

However, that feeling was short-lived.

Linda had always been an ardent advocate of the freedom of marriage. She had sworn that if she was to marry someone, then that someone would have to be her Mr. Right.

However, what with her condition, it sounded like too distant a dream to come true.

After finding out the truth behind her biological mother's death, Linda and Charles would get a divorce.

After the divorce, the chance of finding a suitable man would be very slim, so what Linda wanted was to live out the rest of her life as an honest and decent woman.

At this point, Linda was thinking far ahead of herself.

A wave of Charles's big hand in front of her face brought Linda back to reality,"What were you thinking of?"

After a while, Linda said,"Nothing."

"Well, in that case. You should go to sleep. I have to swing by the company to deal some business," said Charles Mu.

In this late hour? Linda wanted to pop this question and opened her mouth, but half way through, she decided against doing that.

She realized that it was not her place to ask this question.

"Recently the company has been planning to buy an uninhabited land east of the town. The negotiations went well and today we are to sign the contract,"

Answered Charles without Linda asking.

Though a layman in the field of business, Linda still knew a thing or two about the Mu clan.

Generally speaking, buying land was an extremely tricky business. However, seeing as the Mu clan had already controlled the economy of the SH City, buying a piece of land was more like a walk in the park.

Knocking at the door with his chiseled finger, Charles added,"That piece of land is facing the Eastern Sea. I plan to make a holiday resort out of it."

The Mu clan had been investing in tourism industry for the past few years. Recently it had acquired many lands suitable for the establishment of holiday resorts and tourist attractions.

Therefore, a promising area such as this was a must for the Mu clan.

Charles stood up and ruffled her hair as he walked by,"Right, I should go now. I bid you good night. Call Bun should you need anything."

Linda nodded and gave a "mhm" in reply.

Charles then left for some five-star club where the contract would be signed. As soon as he got in the car, Paul immediately sensed something odd with the look on Charles's face.

So he asked,"Young Master, is something the matter? Are you feeling ill?"

Charles nodded,"Yes, find me some medicine for the stomach."

"Very well, Young Master," answered Paul.

Linda went back to her room to have a early sleep, as she had a rather hectic day and felt a little drowsy.

She had hardly slept for one hour when Bun came banging on the door in a flurry.

"My Lady, bad tidings! The Young Master has been ambushed by a sniper!"

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