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   Chapter 28 Charles's Affection

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"Why not?" asked Linda in surprise.

Avoiding her curious gaze, Charles simply turned around and looked into the distance,"No reason."

"Can't you see, My Lady. It means that the Young Master would take no one but you."

Linda blushed at Bun's sudden remark.

"What are you talking about? Bun, if you are not being careful, I will have you steamed like a real steamed bun!" She gave Bun a sharp glare with her pretty eyes.

Bun simply stuck out her tongue and zipped her mouth shut.

Unfortunately for Lisa Xia and May Shen, as well as Johnson Xia, their nightmares had just started. However, this drama was already over for Charles and Linda.

They were already on their way back home, And the Mercedes was charging down the highway.

All of sudden, an odd rumbling sound broke the air.

Feeling awkward, Linda covered her belly as that was where the sound came from.

Back at the party, she had only had a few drinks before the dinner was served and she was soon afterwards called out to hall.

Sitting in the front seat, Bun could not help but let out a snort of laughter.

Embarrassed by her laughter, Linda gave Bun's little head a pat from behind,"What's so funny? It's not like you haven't had that moment before!"

"My apology, My Lady. I didn't mean to laugh." Having said that, Bun turned around while covering her mouth. But her shaking shoulder gave her away. She was still laughing!

Feeling glum, Linda pouted her tinny mouth.

"Paul, faster." There was a clear smile on Charles's compressed sexy lips.

"Yes, Young Master," answered Paul.

After receiving the order, Paul stamped on the gas pedal, giving the car a sudden push.

Being caught off guard, Linda jerked forward, And right then it seemed as though she was about to smash into the front seat.

However, a big hand stretched forward, trying to held her back by the waist...

It was too late, due to inertia, Linda's head continued plunging forward.

Sensing the inevitability, Charles instead placed his hand against the back of the front seat where the impact was most likely to take place.

Her forehead clashed onto a soft spot, which just so happened to be Charles's palm.

Rubbing her forehead, Linda felt relieved as she did not feel the expected pain.

"Thank you!" said Linda begrudgingly.

Charles, on the other hand, withdrew his hand after giving Linda a look with his black and bewitching eyes. He gently shook his hand as the impact had made his hand somewhat numb.

"Just thank you?"

"What else would you want?" said Linda brusquely.

"How about you grant me whatever I desire?"

Linda could not help but laugh out loud at Charles vivid imitation of the way she usually talked and said,"Spoken like a true playboy."

"I haven't eaten yet, so you will cook for me when we return home," said Charles.

"Dinner made by me? What would you like to eat?" Linda was a bit confused by his request, as it did not make any sense to let her cook when he had chefs from five-star restaurants back home standing by all day long.

Though she was not a lousy cook, but it was obvious she could not cook nearly as well as those well-experienced chefs.

"How about spaghetti? I saw you make it before."

Curling up her lips, she suddenly came to the realization that Charles was obviously holding grudges over the last time when she denied him the noodle she made.

"Fine. It just so

happens that I am in a good mood, so I grant you this request," replied Linda like a proud princess.

Half an hour later, the Mercedes slowly arrived at the villa of the Mu clan.

The kitchen of the villa was well-equipped with all the necessary materials.

Once Linda got out of the car, she immediately had the elaborately adorned dress changed to a nice and cozy silk dress and got down to making noodles while wearing an apron.

The swift fashion in which she did those things was in no way for the sake of Charles.

It was because... she was very much hungry herself!

Cooking spaghetti was no complicated task and there was nothing to it really.

Meanwhile, Charles stood aside and observed her work with great interest, his black, pretty eyes gleaming with curiosity.

It had suddenly struck him that watching this girl cook was quite interesting.

The way she made the noodle with her head down was really charming.

After filling up the pot with some hot water, Linda added some salt and put in the noodles for boil. Having done that, she then put in olive oil and started stirring with care. She also chopped the onions and garlic and cut the tomato in half for later use.

Afterwards, she poured in some oil to fry with the garlic and onion and some extra minced meat which added to the flavor of the already delicious tomato.

Much to Charles's embarrassment, he heard a growling sound of hunger in his stomach induced by the smell of the appetizing spaghetti. Luckily for him, the sound of the frying minced meat helped cover it.

He was glad that Linda did not hear that, as he hated to embarrass himself in front of Linda.

After waiting for a few minutes, Linda fetched some ketchup and fried them with salt and sugar.

The spaghetti was then ready to be dished up.

That was how people make Italian tomato spaghetti.

Linda was about to dish up the spaghetti out of the pan when someone hugged her from behind.

Turning around, all Linda could see was Charles's zoomed-up pretty face.

With his long, chiseled fingers, Charles turned her around to face him.

"Let go of me! Don't you want your spaghetti? What are you doing?" Linda put up a mild resistance to his sudden aggression, all the while feeling that the air was growing more dangerous.

With a sudden push, Charles pressed Linda up against the wall and pinned her down with his big hand wrapping around her waist.

He used his other hand to chuck her under the chin.

The desire in his gentle eyes burnt ever more ardently as he drew close to Linda.

"Let go of me now, or else you shall have a taste of my chopsticks..." said Linda while waving the chopsticks that she intended to use for picking up the noodles.

Before she could finish her threat, her mouth was blocked by his hands with such care as if he was looking at a crown jewelry.

Feeling swooned, Linda dropped the chopsticks onto the floor as she could no longer hold her grip.

In the quiet kitchen, it seemed as if everything had evaporated and they were the only man and woman left in this world.

His big hand kept stroking in between her smooth hair so as to keep her head away from the cold wall.

Now feeling certain of his affection, he gave her a gentle kiss as a token of his love.

Overwhelmed as she was, it took a while for Linda to react to the situation.

"Charles Mu! You jerk! Stop it! Or I will yell!"

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