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   Chapter 27 May Shen In Shock

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Downstairs in the banquet hall, May Shen's expressions went through funny changes from gloat to shock.

Dark clouds started to shadow Johnson Xia's face which was lit up with the joy of his own birthday party.

The image of his second daughter being screwed up was out there for everyone to see.

Lisa Xia was trying to put up some last-ditch struggles. But as the drug took effect, she lost control of her body and gave up fighting.

The blood on the bed sheet cut May Shen to the quick.

All the guests present was staring at the screen and lowered their voices to whisper to each other.

Soon after, Lady Lisa's dissolute party with a bunch of men would turn into the latest laughingstock for the celebrities over their dinner tables.

"Turn it off! Just turn it off at once!" May Shen shouted madly at the waiters. How could it be her daughter who was totally messed up on that screen? It should have been Linda Xia!

Her daughter was supposed to marry into a decent and noble family even if it's not the Mu clan. But how could she bear the shame after all this?

The hall was in turmoil all of a sudden. With a furious face, Johnson Xia thumped the table and ranted at Vincent Zhou,"Where is Lady Lisa? Where the hell is she? ... Go and find her!"

Vincent Zhou trembled at His Lordship's fury,"Yes, My Lord."

Anyhow, Lisa Xia did embarrass Johnson Xia badly.

Room 1701.

"You know what, My Lady? This image was also on the LED screen synchronously downstairs in the banquet hall." Bun's little face was lit up with excitement. This curious girl blushed as it's probably her very first experience of such images.

Linda closed her eyes after a long stare at the monitor, then she turned off the screen.

Her pretty eyelashes shivered as she whispered,"That's enough, just cut her some slack."

Linda felt sorry for Lisa Xia who was her sister afterall. And her sister was probably going to die if nobody called it off.

Nothing mattered more than the reputation to a girl. The thing itself would haunt Lisa Xia as her most dreadful nightmare for the rest of her life. That's horrible enough. How could she survive the shame if all the celebrities saw the video.

Charles Mu held Linda and raised his eyebrows,"Are you feeling sorry for her? If not for Paul, it could have been you on that bed and the live show. I didn't touch any of all these things. It's all your stepmother's doing."

Linda knew it.

She knew something was wrong when Lisa Xia toasted her with the wine. She knew it all.

"My Lady, mercy to foes is cruelty to yourself. You know she brought this upon herself." Bun put on a serious look on her pretty face.

Smart as she was, Linda was a normal girl brought up in an ordinary family after all. Though when she found out about the truth that her stepmother had sent someone to kill her, Linda had sworn to make her stepmother pay her price. She was not ruthless.

Charles Mu knew that.

He gave Paul a gesture.

Paul then made a call to turn off the LED screen on the hall.

"Yes," Linda nodded her head heavily.

"Come on, let's go downstairs." Charles Mu held Linda's little hand and walked to

the door.

As the elevator door opened on the hall, they saw May Shen and Johnson Xia along with the vulture-like crowd. They had already known that Lisa Xia was in room No.2 on 17th floor via security video leaked out deliberately by Charles Mu.

May Shen had thrown away her benevolent mask, looking distraught with red eyes.

Her face was cold and vicious,"How dare you do this to Lisa!"

Linda couldn't help sneering. May Shen had shot herself in the foot. Her sorrow for Lisa had vanished into thin air all of a sudden.

Bun was right, mercy to foes was cruelty to herrself.

"Auntie, what have I done to Lisa?" Linda looked around and gave a huge yawn.

May Shen was about to accuse Linda, but she failed to speak anything.

She couldn't say it out loud that it was Linda Xia who was supposed to be screwed up on that bed.

To set up her own stepdaughter...

That's something she couldn't afford. She would never risk ruining her image as Johnson Xia's good wife.

"Uncle Xia, what happened? Linda drank some wine and was a little tipsy, so I took her up to have some rest," asked Charles Mu while holding Linda's shoulder.

A man in Johnson Xia's age did know all about never wash his dirty linen in public. And all he ever wanted for the moment was to save his dignity. If Young Master Mu didn't know what happened, he had better keep it that way.

"Nothing to trouble you with, Young Master Mu. You'd better take Linda home, I have something else to deal with." Johnson Xia didn't look well. He just waved his shaky hand at them.

His happy birthday party turned out to be a total farce.

"Fine, we should take our leaves then. My head is still in pain." Linda blinked her eyes which were as bright as the limpid lake.

Paul had pulled over the Mercedes S600 in front of the hotel, waiting for Charles Mu and Linda. They got into the backseat while Bun was in the passenger seat.

The car slowly started up and then sped off toward the Mu villa.

Linda merely looked at the scenery dashing backwards outside of the window silently during their way back.

"Well? Still feeling sorry for your sister? ?" After quite a while, Linda heard the low and pleasing voice of Charles Mu in her ears once again.

Linda turned to Charles Mu and then shook her head,"No, I know she had it coming. Only that I'm surprised that they got a nerve to do such things on my father's birthday party."

"Your return is a threat to them. Naturally they will do whatever they can to get rid of you. These things are to be expected in such a large family with complex interests."

"Only it would have been her own daughter Lisa Xia who was going to marry you if they had not found me."

The thought had brought up some bitterness for Linda, as she knew that had she not been the daughter of Sherry Nalan, the Xia clan would never bring her back.

Charles Mu's hand once again crept up on her waist. Linda turned around with a frown.

Another shade of unclear emotion rippled over his unfathomable eyes, which seemed he could easily see right through her.

He raised his eyebrow,"I would never marry Lisa Xia, not even if I've never met you."

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