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   Chapter 26 Then I'll Only Look At Yours

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Linda Xia thought it strange as Charles Mu told her that he was going to meet his friend in next room.

Besides, it should have been Paul or Bun who came to deliver the message for Charles Mu.

However, Linda decided to see for herself.

There were security cameras all around the five-star hotel. Linda didn't think anyone one would risk hurting her here.

But Linda had learned her lesson from the kidnap drama on the highway and she was on high alert this time.

She touched the dragon ring on her finger, which was a gift from Charles Mu.

The ring must came with exact same functions as that of Charles Mu's since they were a pair.

Linda stroked the ring carefully carefully and found a small bump which might be the key to trigger the ring.

It calmed her a little for the time being.

"I see. Where's the rest room?" Linda Xia stood up and asked.

"I'll show you the way," answered the waiter with a polite smile.

"Thank you."

Following the waiter, Linda left the hall through the lobby and stopped in front of an elevator.

Linda was curious,"Isn't the rest room on this floor?"

The waiter kept avoiding eye contact with Linda,"This floor does not come with rest rooms. Lady Xia. Please just follow me."

"Fine." There must be something suspicious going on. She could tell from the waiter's eyes.

But Charles Mu had told Linda to drink the wine served by any random waiter before he left.

It was strange.

Charles Mu would never said such things for no reason.

Therefore, following the "fishy waiter", Linda walked into the elevator while the waiter pushed the button of 17th floor.

The hotel was a 30-story building, with banquet halls on the lower three floors and the guest rooms situated above.

Linda stared at the back of the waiter in the elevator,"Are you sure it's the rest room where Charles Mu wanted to meet me?"

"Ah... I probably made a mistake. Young Master Mu said he was waiting for you in the guest room." The waiter broke out in a cold sweat out of obvious fear.

A stranger he ran across a moment ago offered him 5, 000 and a photograph to bring the woman in the photo up to room 1702.

He was not thinking straight back then and took the money. However he got cold feet on his way up...

You? While maintaining her composure, Linda put her hand on the dragon ring on her ring finger with the intention to take this waiter down and rush downstairs for Charles Mu as soon as the door was open.


Here they were at the 17th floor. Linda was getting nervous about what she was going to do and then she saw a familiar figure as the door open up, it was Bun.

Bun smiled at Linda and then knocked the waiter down to the ground with a kick on his stomach. The waiter immediately came down with his hands covering his stomach while howling in pain.

"My Lady, come on out." Bun said to Linda.

Linda hurried up and dashed out. Bun then dragged the waiter out of the elevator to tie him up in a perfect bowknot with the rope she brought.

Everything was done in a smooth manner within 10


Words failed to cover how stunned Linda was about what just happened...

Then the door of 1701 was opened from the inside. Both Charles Mu and Paul came out of the room.

Paul gave Bun a hand to drag the tied-up man into the room.

Then the door slammed shut.

"What the hell... are you guys doing?" Linda was confused about the situation even after she went in the room.

Charles Mu crooked his fingers at Linda,"Come and see for yourself..."

Linda walked over and and found two digital screens in front of them with the same picture, Which focused on the bed that was exactly same as that of this room.

"Charles Mu, I never realize that you are a peeping Tom... Wow..."

"Just wait... Didn't I say I owe you a big show?" Charles Mu rolled his eyes at Linda.

A woman appeared on the screen in a few seconds. She was practically thrown into the bed.

Wasn't that her sister Lisa Xia?

Although Linda couldn't get a closer look at the woman's face, she did recognize the light green dress that Lisa Xia wore tonight.

"Has she been drugged?" That was Linda's first thought...

You? Charles Mu nodded his head.

"It's her own doing, My Lady. Only that she prepared it to set you up. All I did was to switch her wine with yours." Bun giggled.

There were several men on the screen this time.

"Is she Charles Mu's fiancee? Quite juicy," laughed one of the men.

"I don't know. But I suppose so. Otherwise she won't end up here."

"Right, she's been drugged already. It really turns me on."

"Shut the fuck up. Just hurry up and get it over with!" Another man waved his hand at the others while pulling Lisa Xia up with his other hand.

Lisa Xia sobered up a little and was scared to death when she saw the men around her.

"Who are you. Fuck off. Don't you dare lay your hands on me!"

Paul turned his eyes away from the screen while Bun still engaged herself in the live-show with great interest.

Linda turned around and found Charles Mu's eyes fixed on the screen as well. Linda immediately covered his eyes with her little hands,"Don't you ever look at that!"

"Why not?" Charles Mu turned to her in delight.

"No reason. You're just not allowed to." Linda hummed in tantrum.

Though there was nothing romantic between her and Charles Mu, they had already signed the prenup which entitled Linda to lay her claim to Charles Mu as her own belonging.

"Just give me a reason." Charles Mu gently patted her hands off.

"Aren't you my fiance? How could you be allowed to look at other women? It's called emotional infidelity!" Linda blurted out without thinking through what she was talking about.

"Fine, then I'll only look at yours." Charles Mu whispered in Linda's ear. His words sent a slight quiver throughout her body.

Linda felt her ears began to burn,"Pooh, you jerk!"

The live show was still going on on the screen...

Back to Johnson Xia's birthday party... It seemed someone had dropped a bomb.

For what happened in the room was live broadcasting on the LED screen right on the banquet hall.

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