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   Chapter 25 Apologize To Your Sister!

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A trace of tenderness softened Charles Mu's cold face. He glanced Linda then turned to Johnson Xia,"Don't worry, uncle Xia. I will take care of Linda."

A chill began to creep over Linda's body, which she could immediately tell that it's from Lisa Xia's ice-cold eyes.

It's not a secret that Lisa Xia had a crush on Charles Mu who, in her own fantasy, was deemed to be her husband in her dream wedding.

She was thrilled at the betrothal between the Mu clan and the Xia clan when she first heard it from May Shen. She thought her dream may finally come true.

But everything had gone into the thin air because of Linda.

Lisa Xia hated her for it.

She hated her.

She hated the sister who seemed to pop out of nowhere.

Feeling Lisa's furious glower, Linda looked at her in provocation and pushed her further by leaning closer to Charles Mu,"Lisa, are you OK? You don't look so well?"

"Linda Xia, who do you think you are. Aren't you ashamed of yourself, leaning against Young Master Mu like that in broad daylight?" The anger that Lisa Xia smothered for a long while bursted all of a sudden.

May Shen was lost for words. How could her daughter still be such impatient after her years of instructions.

"Why should I feel ashamed, Charles is my husband." Linda Xia winked at her in amusement with her smart and bright eyes.

Charles Mu even put his hand around her slim waist and gently rubbed her back.

Damn it. What did he think he was doing with his hand!

Linda Xia kept the smile on her face and tried to suppressed the rage inside.

Charles Mu was obviously pushing his luck.

Linda had nothing better to do instead of keeping on smiling since she couldn't expose his tricks for her own sake.

Yet her little hand was creeping up to Charles Mu's back to pinch him as hard as she could.

Charles Mu trembled involuntarily out of the sudden pain.

Linda felt much better.

Little did she know that the pinch was more of a tickle to Charles Mu.

"What husband? You haven't married him yet! ! You are a disgrace! Who knows if you could marry him in the end!"

Lisa Xia was driven crazy by her own fury, especially when she saw Linda leaning against Charles like a cuddly little bird.

All these revolted Lisa.


A sharp sound of someone being slapped broke the air.

Johnson Xia was livid with rage,"Lisa, what are you talking about! Apologize to your sister!"

"Father, how could you slap me..." Lisa covered her face in shock and couldn't believe what just happened. Her eyes were already full of tears.

This is too much, May! This is how you raised your daughter! As his anger piled up, Johnson Xia raised up his hand again with the intention of giving Lisa another slap.

May Shen hurriedly pulled back his hand while winking at Lisa. However Lisa Xia had totally forgotten what May Shen had told her this morning.

"Johnson, Lisa is just a little girl, she has no idea what she was talking about. I apologize to Linda for her."

"Linda, your sister doesn't know any better. Don't take it to heart."

Had it not been for the fact that there was a note of coldness in her eyes and that she had once sent someone to murder Linda, one would probably mistake her for a model stepmother by the look of her sincere face.

"It's fine, auntie, father. I won't hold it against my sister." Linda shook her head while wearing a smile.

Johnson Xia's face eased up a little. He eyed Lisa Xia and said to Lind

a Xia,"You are my good daughter. Lisa, you will do well to learn from your sister from now on. Do you hear me?"

Lisa Xia remained silent and simply looked down at the ground in tears with her hand covering her face. May Shen pulled Lisa Xia aside and whispered,"Don't you remember what I said this morning?"

Thinking that Linda Xia was about to run out of her luck anyway, Lisa Xia then apologized reluctantly,"I'm sorry, Linda. I shouldn't have said that to you."

Linda simply replied with a graceful smile,"That's fine."

Charles Mu looked at the family indifferently without a word. Only there was a glint of vague smirk glowing in his black and bright eyes.

"Alright, we are all family. Don't fall out over such trifles," said May Shen.

That's the end of the drama.

The last thing Linda wanted was to pick up a fight with them in her father's birthday party.

After a round of small talks, everyone settled down in their seat and waited for the party to begin.

Johnson Xia and May Shen left to entertain the guests while Linda and Charles Mu remained seated along with the disgruntled Lisa Xia.

Soon after they took the seats, Charles Mu said softly in Linda's ear,"There's one of my business partners in the next room. I'm gonna go and say hi. If the waiter served you with wine later on, just drink it."

"Ah?" She heard the former part of his words, but what did he mean by the latter?

"Never you mind. Just do as I told you."

Charles Mu then left the table with Paul following behind.

A few minutes later, there was a waiter coming over with a tray of several glasses of wine just as Charles Mu said.

"Ladies, please have a taste. It's the specialty of our hotel." The waiter handed a glass of wine to Linda Xia with polite smile.

Linda Xia took the wine and simply put it on the table.

It seemed Linda had no intention to drink a bit. Lisa Xia was getting anxious about Linda Xia's indifference and therefore hinted the waiter to hand over another glass accordingly.

"Linda, I want to make a toast to you. Please do forgive me if I said anything offensive. I didn't really mean it,"

Said Lisa Xia who raised up the glass and tried awkwardly to squeeze a smile.

Had she not been assured by Charles, she would never have touched the wine.

However, Linda picked up the glass and answered in grin,"Never mind."

Then she drank up the wine.

Savoring the special flavor of the wine as the smooth liquid ran down through her throat, Linda could tell that it was indeed a good wine.

Linda glanced at Lisa after she finished the wine. She somehow spotted a sence of excitement in Lisa Xia's eyes, though she couldn't figure out the meaning.

What was she happy for?

Was something fishy about the wine?

But she trusted Charles Mu who would never let her touch the wine if there's anything wrong with it.

"Aren't you going to drink your wine?"

Lisa Xia reached for the glass and made a pompous gesture to swirl the wine before slowly drinking it up.

Lisa Xia left the table as well after drinking her wine.

Linda was left alone.

Since Linda was just back to the Xia clan, she hardly had any chance to made acquaintance with celebrities or noble ladies from SH city. Linda was glad to enjoy her moments of solitude rather than being stuck in meaningless chitchat.

After a few minutes.

"Lady Xia, Young Master Mu wanted you to meet him in the rest room," said the waiter standing behind Linda.

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