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   Chapter 24 What's the Difference Between the Eldest and Others

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Charles Mu was as cool as a cucumber,"So what? You are my fiancee. It makes perfect sense that they are jealous of you. After all, the man you are marrying is far too outstanding."

Linda couldn't help bursting into laughter while covering her rosy lips with her little hand. Her eyes turned into crescent again.

"You are shameless, indeed." Linda taunted him in chuckles.

Those ladies from noble clans were breaking their necks to find out what was really going on between Young Master Mu and the Lady of the Xia clan.

Is there any chance that Young Master Mu didn't care for the Lady from the Xia clan?

After all, the betrothal was made by Lord Xia when Young Master Mu was still a child.

However... It looked like they were just two lovebirds passionately lost in loveland.

It disappointed the well-born ladies who were indulged in their own vicious fantasy of Charles Mu taking no interest in the lady from the Xia clan and calling off the engagement and things like that.

Linda held Charles Mu's arm and walked into the lobby of the five-star hotel.

There was a manager in the lobby who was in charge of checking upon invitation cards and leading the way.

He quickly put on an obsequious smile the moment he saw Charles Mu, and didn't even spare a second to look at their invitation card.

"Young Master Mu, it's our great privilege to welcome you here in our hotel. I presume you are here for Lord Xia's birthday party. Come this way please."

Bowing and scraping in perfectly smooth manner.

Linda could instantly tell his fake smile.

When people smile out of genuine respect for others, their lips will curl upward and their eyes will slightly narrow. This man did not. And what's worse, his smile seemed rather skin-deep.

Charles Mu straightly stepped into the banquet hall with Linda Xia, leaving Paul behind them to hand over the invitation card to the manager.

The hall seemed rather festival since it brought almost all the fat cats from SH city together.

Such a long guest list was credited to the Mu clan.

After all, blood is thicker than water. Linda felt truly happy for her biological father's 50th birthday.

She looked around and found that Johnson Xia was engaged in a conversation with a man in suit and gilded glasses. Judged from his look, he enjoyed himself.

However, Linda lost sight of Bun since she came into the hall. She could only find Paul for the moment.

Linda simply thought that Bun was probably in the ladies room.

May Shen and Lisa Xia were standing beside Johnson Xia. As Johnson Xia's wife, May Shen was fully attired in decent dress and elegant coiffure, along with graceful smiles every now and then. She demonstrated what a real lady should be to others.

Lisa Xia was well-born. She could be counted as a lady so long as she was dressed up and kept her mouth shut.

Charles Mu and Linda found some empty chairs and seated themselves.

As Linda took her seat, she instantly felt a warm hand around her slim waist.

"What are you doing, Charles Mu?" Linda was about to push Charles Mu off. Was this asshole getting used to feeling her up?

"I think you hate your stepmother and stepsister, right? The closer we are, the more they will suffer, especially your stepsister." The way Charles Mu whispering in Linda's ear appeared just like secret love talks to unwitting audience.

It made sense to Linda. Charles Mu had not only

seen but touched her body. A hug would not be a matter.

Thinking of this, she leaned closer to Charles Mu.

Charles Mu was amused by Linda's move and lightly touch his nose, with his arm tightening around her.

Since the moment she arrived, Linda had became the primary target of all the ladies present that night. Linda could felt their hostile glowers wherever she turned.

Lisa Xia spotted them at once. She pulled May Shen's dress and whispered in her ear,"Mother, there they are."

May Shen nodded collectedly and turned to Johnson Xia who was talking to Ken Zhang, the CEO of QZ Bank of SH city,"Johnson, Linda and Young Master Mu are here."

Following the direction where May Shen pointed, Johnson Xia saw Charles Mu and Linda Xia.

"Well, Mr. Zhang, my daughter and son-in-law are here. Will you excuse me for a moment?" Speaking of the word "son-in-law", Johnson Xia's face was lit up with pride.

Ken Zhang turned around and saw Charles Mu holding a beauty in his arms. She must be the long-lost lady of the Xia clan, as he thought.

After taking a look at Linda, Ken Zhang kept his countenance and nodded in smile,"Very well, Lord Xia. I will catch you later."

Linda and Charles were talking, while leaning to each other with Charles Mu's hand around Linda's waist. It seemed that they did not in the least conceal their close relationship.

Charles Mu probably told Linda something funny, so that she lowered her head and smiled in shyness. It was a marvelous portrait of a happy little woman ought to be. Johnson Xia felt truly at ease.

Johnson Xia felt guilty of marrying Linda to a stranger when she just came back to the Xia clan.

But Charles Mu was acknowledged to be the perfect catch. Johnson Xia himself didn't think that it was unfair for Linda to marry Charles Mu.

However, only then, when Johnson Xia saw Linda Xia and Charles Mu get along well with each other, did he feel relieved and less guilty at last.

Noticing Johnson Xia, May Shen and Lisa Xia coming over, Linda stood up and smiled,"Father".

"Linda, here you are. How were you these days in the Mu clan? Are you well?" May Shen acted like Linda was her own sweet daughter.

Linda nodded with slightly shy smile and held Charles Mu's arm,"Yes. Charles is good to me. I want to thank you, father, for marrying me to such an excellent man."

Johnson Xia patted Linda on her shoulder. He couldn't be more satisfied with this beautiful and elegant daughter with gentle temperament, conversation styles and business mind, who his second daughter Lisa Xia could never compete with.

Johnson Xia even regretted that he didn't find her back earlier.

Lisa Xia were gnashing her teeth over what she saw with viperous glower at Linda Xia from her pretty eyes.

What on earth was the spell that Linda Xia cast on master Mu? How could Young Master Mu become so sweet on Linda Xia in such a short time?

How could this bitch of the slum ever compete with her? She was nothing but just one year older than her. That's all. Who even cared about the difference between the eldest and the others in this day and age!

An insidious sneer was emerging on Lisa's face at the thought of what her mother had arranged. Tonight... It's not only that Linda Xia was probably to be thrown out of the Xia clan, but the Mu clan would as well break off the betrothal.

Then it would be no one but Lisa Xia who was going to marry Charles Mu.

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