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   Chapter 23 Jealous Glare from Other Women

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A ring on one's ring finger usually implied engagement or marriage.

Linda stared at the dragon ring on her finger with mixed emotions.

"Charles Mu, what in God's name have I done to you to deserve this? Isn't it the situation where a girl receives at least a diamond ring before they tied the knot? And look at what I've got!"

Linda couldn't even could not bear to look at the ugly black dragon ring.

Charles Mu frowned and tried to suppress the bursting urge to laugh out.

"It can save your life when things happen. Just wear it for now. Whatever those girls have, you shall have it. As for those they don't even stand a chance, they will be yours as well."

Linda bit her rosy lips while looking at the ring on her finger. Since Charles Mu had put his foot down, Linda could only swallow her grumble with an unwilling nod,"Alright then! For good or ill, it's my very first time to walk down the aisle, even it's with you. I should warn you that I will tolerate no unfair treatment."

Charles Mu felt totally speechless at the moment.

"Whatever you say. It's about time to get going. After all, I owe you quite a show, My Lady." A wicked smirk crept up on Charles Mu's face.

Linda didn't even bother to ask him about the show, for she knew Charles Mu wouldn't reveal a single clue anyway.

Linda stood up from the couch with 4 inches crystal high heels on her feet.

She was still a bit tottering walking in heels that high.

The previous drama on the highway had honed Linda's skill at high heels.

And it was all Charles's doing, Linda Xia so was irritated by the thought that the only thing she could think of for the moment was a really hard bite on Charles Mu.

Linda was tripped up by her dress after a few steps toward the door.

She lost her balance and was about to fall to the ground.

Charles Mu immediately swooped in and held her firmly by her waist.

What with the burning chest against her body, the zoomed-up handsome face and the wafting male hormone, Linda Xia felt her blood rushing into her face...

At the moment Linda could tell clearly what he was longing for from his eyes.

Linda looked away awkwardly,"Thank you!"

Charles Mu helped Linda Xia stand up straight again and let go of her. He then gestured Linda to take his arm.

Linda dithered over whether to take his hand or not.

Given her present situation with high heels, it seemed she could really use Charles Mu's help to make things easier for herself.

Therefore she held his arm.

Charles Mu shook his head with a doting frown,"Well, normally I would run at the first sight of trouble. How on earth did I end up with such a clumsy fiancee as you?"

Linda's heart was racing so fast over his words that she failed to manage any reply other than docilely holding Charles Mu's arm all the way to the car.

Following behind, Bun and Paul was whispering to each other.

"I'd say our Young Master and My Lady are quite a perfect match!"

"So do I. I've never seen Young Master fell this head over heels for any woman before."

Linda Xia felt weird when they got in the car. Though it was still the same Mercedes S600.

Instead of Paul, it was another chauffeur who was driving the car. Paul and Bun, on the other hand, hopped into the other car right behind them.

Linda asked in curiosity,"Are Bun and Paul coming with us?"

Charles Mu nodded,"Yes. Bun will be in charge of your safety and Paul mine."

Linda chuckled over his words,"With Bun's skinny arms a

nd legs? How can she manage to protect someone obviously stronger than her? It's more likely the other way around."

Charles Mu simply glanced at Linda Xia without any further explanations. Bun was trained in the special troops of female armed police force and was honorably discharged with top grades seven year later.

Anyone who dared belittle Bun had learnt their lessons.

Charles Mu could fully trust Bun with Linda Xia's safety as long as Bun remained by her side.

Besides, there was quite a show that night waiting for them to attend, which could be counted as his little gift for Linda.

Charles Mu seemed far too busy that his long fingers had not stopped typing on the laptop since the moment they got in the car. He didn't hide anything from Linda. But after a glance of the screenful of financial stuff that she's not familiar with, Linda soon lost interest.

Johnson Xia's birthday party was to be held in a five-star hotel in SH city.

The next day right after Linda coming back with Charles Mu to the Mu clan, a huge amount of money was transferred into the Xia clan to drag it back from the edge of ruin, so that the Xia clan could gradually come back to its feet.

Johnson extended invitation to almost all walks of life in SH city, including magnates and their families as well as some important municipal officials, expecting to show off the comeback of Xia clan.

After an hour of steady drive, they pull up at the five-star hotel.

"Young master, My Lady, here we are." The chauffeur turned around and reported in reverence.

Charles Mu grunted before he stopped the chauffeur from opening the door for Linda,"Leave it to me."

As he got out of the car, Charles Mu caught almost all eyes from the crowd gathering in front of the hotel, including a great many noble clans from SH city.

Even it's not for the Xia clan's sake, he ought to do the Mu clan a favor.

There's hardly anyone who didn't know of the betrothal between the eldest son and the eldest daughter of these two clans.

Rumor even had it that the eldest daughter of the Xia clan was separated from the family ever since she was a child and then brought back from the "slum".

Besides, being the man in real charge of the Mu clan, Charles Mu was never seen around a woman before, which spoke volumns for his high standard of women.

Starting with the fact that flocks of female celebrities had failed crawling into his bed...

Let alone someone coming from the "slum", even if she was actually the eldest daughter of the Xia clan.

They were surprised to find Charles Mu being here. Yet they still remained cautious spectators rather than the reckless one to strike up a talk.

Charles Mu went to the other side of the car and opened the door, held out his hand with extreme gentleness in his eyes and voice,"Linda, here we are. Watch your steps."

Linda knew he was just putting on an act, but it couldn't stop the jealous glower from the celebrities around them.

"Careful not to fall again." Charles Mu softly added as he helped Linda Xia get out of the car. Judging from his gentle behaviors, one could tell she was an invaluable treasure to him.

He then offered his arm to Linda.

"Hey, Charles Mu, have you got nothing better to do? Just look around, I bet those girls would give anything to skin me alive."

Linda held Charles Mu's arm and whispered in his ear.

Charles Mu's deliberate public display of affection had instantly situated her in the eye of the storm.

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