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   Chapter 22 Ring on Her Finger

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The little pretty reclining on the bed had already fell into sound sleep. Charles Mu couldn't help staring at her delicate and fairly white face for a long while, As if he was enjoying a beautiful scenery.

Yet he had no intention of spoiling such a moment.

It seemed that Linda Xia was dreaming of something sweet since there was a smile on her lips.

After an eager glance at Linda Xia, Charles Mu then took a deep sigh. He tucked her in and headed to the bathroom to take a long shower until the icy cold water finally quenched the desire burning inside.

The last thing Charles Mu dared to confess was that he was losing the self-control that he was once proud of to a woman who he had known for barely a week.

Ten minutes of cold shower was enough for Charles Mu to calm himself down. He then left the bathroom and lay down on the other side of the bed.

At midnight, Linda probably felt cold and unconsciously cuddled into Charles Mu's arms. Focusing on Linda Xia, his eyes were gleaming faintly in the dark.

After quite a while, he took a deep sigh and held Linda in his arms, trying to get some sleep.

Linda woke up at noon the next day when sunshine filled up the room with warmness.

Linda Xia had slept tight last night, therefore she felt quite refreshing at the moment.

She forgot the wound in her arm for a second and sat up to stretch herself. The pain instantly brought her wide awake in tears.

Then she heard a knock at the door.

"Come in."

It's Bun.

"My Lady, you're up. Please get dressed and have some breakfast." Bun was standing at the door with a sweet smile.

"Ok, just a second. Where's your Young Master?" Linda Xia asked without thinking.

Even Linda herself didn't notice the fact that it had become her daily habit to ask the question of "Where's your Young Master".

"Young Master left for the company early in the morning, for business. But he said he will pick you up tonight to the Xia clan." Bun replied.

"Back to the Xia clan? What for?" Linda was completely baffled about the situation.

Bun was surprised,"It's your father Johnson Xia's 50th birthday, My Lady. Don't you know that? Lady Lisa came yesterday with the invitation."


Linda had not a single clue, as no one told her before.

"That's it. You were asleep when Lady Lisa came yesterday afternoon, I suppose the maid just gave the invitation to Paul."

As Johnson Xia's eldest daughter, naturally Linda had to attend her father's birthday party.

However Linda felt a little upset about the idea of meeting her nasty stepmother and stepsister again.

Bun took out some replacement from the medical kit,"Young Master told me to clean up your wound and change the bandages when you're up."

Linda agreed with a nod and let Bun finish her job. She took out her phone to check the time and was surprised by the fact that it's already 12 o'clock. She slept until this hour of the day.

"Damn it, how long have I been sleeping! Why don't you wake me up?"

Bun chuckled with a sudden blush on her fair pretty face,"Young Master told me not to before he left this morning. He said you were worn out last night..."

Damn Charles Mu.

Linda knew exactly what Bun had been thinking about, but she could manage no replies other than secretly scolding Charles Mu in both anger and embarrassment.

After the wound had been clean up and changed into new bandages, Linda got up for her late breakfast.

The chefs had been informed in advance by Bun to ensure the food was delicious yet not greasy for Linda who just got up at this time of

the day.

By afternoon, Bun started to work on Linda's hair and makeup.

It did surprise Linda that Bun was quite skillful at what she was doing. Linda was gifted with fair features and creamy skin.

With slight touches of embellishment by Bun, Linda had turned into such a beauty beyond any word.

Linda's lustrous black hair was braided into an elegant yet lively coiffure through Bun's effort, which enabled Linda to gorgeously outshine anyone standing beside her.

"My Lady, you are so beautiful." Bun's eyes were sparkling.

"... Holy crap! Bun, you actually are a genius. It looks like you would do just fine with this skill even if you were to leave the Mu clan." Linda teased Lily with a kind smile.

Bun made a naughty snort,"There are much more things that I'm capable of. My Lady. You will see."

"Well, if you say so." Amused by Bun's childish behaviors, Linda laughed with her crescent-shaped eyes, looking feminine and ravishingly charming with her every moves.

After hair and makeup were done, Bun fetched a dozen of dresses for Linda to pick.

"My Lady, these gowns are all tailor-made for you as Young Master ordered. Which one would you like to wear tonight? Would you prefer one which can cover the wound in your arm?" asked Bun.

Linda shook her head,"No need."

There's no doubt that Johnson Xia would ask about the wound once he saw the bandages on her arm. Since she was cut by Walker Chen, Linda planned to tell everything without reservation so as to observe the responses of her stepmother and stepsister and hopefully found out what's going on between Walker Chen and May Shen.

For this purpose alone, the gown she's wearing tonight must not cover her wound.

At last, Linda picked out a milk white long strapless dress to add some matureness to her natural beauty and ensured that she looked just attractive and gorgeous rather than coquettish and cheap.

Even a girl like Bun couldn't help checking her out.

Charles Mu arrived home around 4 in the afternoon.

Linda was entertaining herself with a comic book in the living room while waiting for Charles Mu.

Bun standing beside was trying desperately to talk Linda around,"My Lady, please don't laugh like this, I don't suppose you would like to spoil your makeup..."

Charles Mu went stunned for a moment when he saw the strapless gown and light make-up of Linda, as well as her crescent-shaped eyes as a result of watching comic book.

It was the first time that he ever saw her like that.

They first met each other in the Crown Club.

Although she was in the extreme exposed uniform, she didn't wear any make-up to cover her natural beauty and smartrness.

The second time was at the Xia clan when she was radiantly attired yet still without any make-up on. There was a spark of wisdom in her whenever she frowned, smiled or even quarreled with him in an unyielding spirit.

Probably that's exactly why the tiny seed of affection Linda left in Charles Mu's heart could come into bud slowly but tenaciously.

Linda laid down the comic book with a glimmer of smile still lingering around her face as she saw Charles Mu came in,"You're home?"

"Yep." Charles Mu calmed himself down and put on a poker face to make sure his expressions didn't give him away.

Paul handed Charles Mu a delicate brocade box.

"Put this ring on." Charles Mu took out a matching dragon ring from the brocade box and held Linda's soft little hand to put the ring on her ring finger.

Then he took off the dragon ring from his middle finger and put it on his ring finger as well.

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