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   Chapter 21 Do I Have to Help You Take off Your Clothes

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"I, eat too much... I am simply a bit stuffed...Don't make a scene..."

After hearing the explanation, Bun let out a snort of laughter.

In Bun's mind, this Lady was quite interesting. Unlike other Ladies from prestigious families, she was rather easy-going and very... funny...

What Linda did not notice was the fact that Paul had quietly left during the dinner.

After 15 minutes, Paul returned.

He had a see-through plastic packaging bag with him, in which there were several small items.

After swallowing down the last bite, Charles wiped his lips clean in a graceful manner and took over the bag from Paul.

"Well, well. Look at that. Four bugs, three micro-cameras. Your sister is a real piece of work. I will give her that." Charles looked into the bags while stroking his chin. His slender finger knocked at the dinner table, making sporadic sounds.

Linda was rather astonished by Charles's quick move. She was just about to tell him that Lisa had been strolling around in her room, and that she deliberately left the room just to see what Lisa was up to.

How was Linda supposed to know what Lisa had planned.

Lisa's visit was like a Greek gift. She must have had an evil agenda.

When Lisa suggested a tour in her room, Linda knew right there and then that she was trying to plant something there.

The whole thing was all too familiar to Linda. Back when Linda and Charles were on their way to the Mu clan, Linda had once thought about how Walker Chen was able to foresee her schedule and pinpoint her location. It was at the moment that Charles spotted something suspicious - her hair accessory.

It was very strange.

She remembered that Charles looked deep into the hair accessory and pulled off a small, black gadget from within a flower bud embedded in the middle of the accessory.

It was a mini GPS.

What Lisa did this afternoon reminded Linda and Charles of that incident in the car. "It looks like that Walker Chen was having an affair with May Shen. My poor father," said Linda across the table with her chin resting on her hands.

Meanwhile, Bun, being a thoughtful and considerate maid as usual, went out in search of medicine for Linda.

Charles shook his head,"No way. Walker Chen would not kill himself for your step-mother."

"My Lady, I have already checked. I don't believe they were having an affair," added Paul.

Linda opened her mouth, trying to say something.

"Well, I will help you find out the truth about Walker Chen. You can get your mind off it," interrupted Charles, who then stood up and walked up to Linda.

"What?" said Linda vigilantly.

To her surprise, Charles lifted Linda up with a swing of his hands and started striding towards her room,"You should be focusing on your wound instead and see if it has festered."

As a hygiene-conscious girl, Linda took her bath everyday and totally forgot about Dr. Xu's instruction. Her wound had festered after coming in contact with water.

Back in Linda's room, Bun closed the door and left.

Sitting side by side with Linda, Charles gazed at her with a serious look on his face,"Do I have to help you take off your clothes?"

Wrapping herself in the quilt, Linda looked like a frightened rabbit.

"Gosh, what are you doing, Charles Mu? We just finished dinner. What are you going to do to me?"

"I am going to give you anti-inflammatory ointment, or you will soon find this arm to be completely useless, and I, for one, don't want to marry a handicapped woman."

It was a bit chilly, and Linda was wearing a long-sleeved dress. so

It would be impossible to apply ointment to her arm without taking off her dress.

"Why do you have to do it? You are a man! Let Bun do it for me!"

"On count of three."




"Fine, fine. You turn around. I take off my dress myself. No peeking." Reluctantly, Linda backed down.

It was just applying ointment. She could stretch out an arm for Charles while covering herself with quilt. There was nothing he could do then.

"No." Charles rejected unequivocally.

In a surge of anger, Linda's pretty face turned red. Although, there was also an element of shyness in her fury. "Charles Mu, why are you being so unreasonable? Didn't we agree in our prenup? You can't force yourself upon me!"

"Prenup? You say I can't have sex with you. You didn't say I can't see you naked."

"... You are a bully." Linda was rendered speechless.

Begrudgingly, Linda pulled up the quilt to cover her body and started taking off her dress from within. Charles, on the other hand, sat aside and stared at Linda with his bright eyes, looking interested, which made Linda's ear blush with embarrassment.

After a while, Linda emerged from the quilt with her tinny head, and stretched out her wounded arm which was wrapped up with medical gauze. "There. You can apply the ointment now."

Linda felt depressed. Why did she have to run into this sadist.

Charles could not help but smile as he saw the depressed face of Linda. He went to the washroom and came back with a bowl of water and a clean towel. He first cleaned up the wound and then applied the ointment.

Linda felt an excruciating pain as Charles applied that ointment. Looking at her twisted, tears-laden face, Charles was somewhat concerned, but he kept on teasing her.

"You had it coming. That ought to teach you a lesson about ignoring your doctor's instruction."

Still welling with tears in her eyes, Linda retorted,"Screw you and your sarcasm. You are doing this on purpose! You must have switched the ointment with something much painful."

"Don't get ahead of yourself. If you had listened to your doctor and kept away from water, you would not need to apply this ointment."

Luckily, a dash of refreshing feeling started to kick in after the initial twinge, and the pain gradually faded away.

Unlike the quilt-clad Linda, Charles sat down on the couch and started to handle the company business using his laptop.

"Hey, Charles Mu. You are good at applying ointment. You must have done this a lot." Looking at Charles's side face under the light, Linda found his attentive look to be rather attractive.

"Yes, a lot. But not for other people. They were for me." Instead of raising up his head, Charles kept fixating his focus on the computer screen.

"Why? You've been hurt a lot? Don't look like it. Being the eldest son of the Mu clan, you must have been well-groomed. How did you get hurt?"

Charles did not so much as raise his head up to answer Linda's question. He simply kept typing on his laptop with his slender fingers, looking serious.

Assuming that Charles was busy, Linda did not ask further and instead picked up a comic book and started reading. Shortly after, a strong sleepiness crept in and Linda nodded off to sleep.

After finishing up the company's business, Charles looked up and found that Linda was already sound asleep.

As Linda lay on the bed, her grip on the quilt started to loosen up a bit.

Charles suddenly felt an unquenchable fire burning in his loin as he saw that gorgeous, relaxed sleeping face and the cat-like, sexy body...

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