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   Chapter 20 What Do You Expect

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Lisa's words made Linda feel like throwing up.

After sending all the servants away, Linda threw aside the comic book and said,"Cut the crap. Say what you have to say!"

Startled by Linda's sudden outburst, Lisa tried to hold down her anger and replied,"Sister Linda, how could you say that? I am still your sister. You have not married into the Mu clan yet. Surely you still remember your own family."

"What do you expect?"

Linda had no idea what this so called "sister" had up to her sleeve. They had never been on good terms. Back in the Xia clan, Lisa had on multiple occasions tried to screw Linda over.

And that step-mother May Shen even tried to kill her, so naturally Linda didn't take kindly to her faked friendship.

"Linda Xia...You Sister Linda, it was all my fault. I was young and naive. I beg your forgiveness for whatever inconveniences I might have caused you."

Thinking about what her mother had said, Lisa begrudgingly apologized while grinding her teeth. She was about to swear something like Linda being a shameless mean old woman, but then she changed her mind.

Linda was confused. What's got into her? That venomous girl actually apologized! Where was that ingratiating attitude coming from?

"Lisa Xia, what do you want? If you have no other business, I would like to take a nap now."

Linda did not want to beat around the bush with this so called "sister".

"Nothing in particular. It is just that our parents say I am your only sister. They want me to come over here to keep you company before the wedding, lest you get lonely."

What kind of a lame excuse was that? Who came up with this idea? "I know no other sister but Cindy Xie," thought Linda.

After thinking for a while, Linda was convinced that it must have been the idea of her wicked step-mother.

While she was thinking, Linda beckoned a servant with a wave of her hand.

"Get a room for her to stay for a couple of days,"

Said Linda.

"Sister Linda, would you mind if I take a tour in your room?" asked Lisa out of the blue.

Linda did not see that coming and simply answered,"If you insist."

After Linda gave her the green light, Lisa's eyes flashed a note of delight with an almost imperceptible and meaningful smile on her face.

Her ill-disguised excitement was easily picked up by Linda, although she didn't understand what she was excited about.

Linda then further asked,"Why the sudden interest in my room?"

Lisa shrugged her shoulders and looked at Linda with her beautiful eyes and a seemingly hearty smile on her face. "I am just curious about the place where my sister is going to live."

Her lies was all too obvious in the eyes of Linda.

If years of study on micro-expressions had taught Linda anything, it would be that during a conversation, a shrug of one's shoulders was usually an indication of disbelief in his or her own words.

And also, counter-intuitively, a liar would usually stare at you to make sure that you believe what he or she said, instead of avoiding eye contact.

Nonetheless, Linda still led Lisa into her room.

"Take your time. You're welcome."

Lifting up her pink dress, Lisa sauntered about the room back and forth, checking for every details. She didn't even spare the washing room.

The sight of two identical towels, toothbrushes and rinsing mugs reminded Lisa of what had been stolen from her ever since Linda returned.

The afternoon sunshine and the cozy breeze made Linda sleepy. She yawned and said,"I am going to lie down for a bit. Don't let me interrupt you."

Instead of waiting

for Lisa's reply, Linda went straight out of her room and headed for the garden.

Servants had a chaise longue set up in the garden on which Linda could lie down and took a nap.

When Linda woke up, Lisa was long gone.

Servants said that after Lisa was done touring the room, she left in a hurry, claiming that she had other businesses back in the Xia clan.


"Bun, when will your Young Master be back?" Linda stretched her back, an exercise that brought out her great shape.

This midday sleep lasted three hours, long enough for Lisa to carry out her evil plan.

"Young Master will be back for dinner,"

Answered a servant who had been attending to Linda for those past few days.

The name of that servant is Bonny Lu. She was the one that helped Linda pick up her dress that day, and she had a funny nickname—Bun.

Linda had her mouth full of water when she first learnt about her nickname, and she splashed the water all over Bonny while laughing.

Bun said that she was an orphan and was adopted by the Mu clan. As she was a relatively fat girl who loved eating steamed bun when she was little, she was consequently dubbed the nickname "Bun" for the next dozen years.

Linda was amazed by how time had turned Bun into such a pretty woman.

It was only later that Linda learnt about her seven-year-long special training at the female armed police force after being adopted by the Mu clan... She had suffered and sweated more than anyone else.

Charles was back right on the dinner time, just as Bun said he would be.

Charles's heart went soft when he saw Linda, who, instead of eating right away, remained seated at the table waiting for him.

For the first time, he found it quite nice to have someone waiting for him at home.

However, his words were as frivolous as ever,"Tsk, the mighty Lady Linda is waiting for me, her husband, to join her for dinner?"

She replied brusquely while rolling her eyes at Charles Mu,"Don't flatter yourself. I am not waiting for you."

When Charles was at the company having a board meeting, he had already received news about Linda asking when he would be back.

"Hmm, is that so? Then I suppose it is because the meal is unappetizing?"

"Enough, Charles Mu. Would it kill you to get off my back for once?" said Linda in frustration.

Why this Young Master kept teasing her?

"What Young Master meant is for you to admit the fact that you have been waiting for him to come back for dinner. That's all," said Paul, who was immediately eyeballed by Charles Mu.

"Paul, You have been very talkative lately."

"Sorry, Young Master. Won't happen again!" Paul lowered his head.

There was a reason why Linda would wait for Charles. She said,"My sister Lisa came today."

"Yes, I know. But, we shall eat first," nodded Charles, who then picked up a pair of chopsticks in a graceful manner and started eating.

It just so happened that Linda was also hungry, so she too started eating. The chefs of the Mu clan were all recruited from five-star restaurants, so the meals were as delicious as they were good-looking.

And then...

Linda, who had always been a glutton, overate.

Sensing something had went wrong, Bun, who had been standing aside the whole time, hurriedly asked,"My Lady, are you feeling ill?"

Linda was a bit embarrassed, especially in the presence of Charles Mu.

"Noth...nothing... I am fine."

"Really? You don't look fine. Is there something wrong with the food?"

Linda beckoned at Bun, gesturing her to lean close to her.

The confused Bun leaned forward.

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