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   Chapter 19 A Laughing Stock among Friends

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After hearing Linda's demands, a trace of meaningful smile broke on Charles's face.

"What if I refuse?"

Linda was struck dumb. There was nothing she could do if he rejected, as Charles was the one who had all the control. Nonetheless, she still had to try and asserted her rights.

"Why wouldn't you agree? Surely you are not into a plain girl like me. Am I right?"

Although Linda was in great shape, she was rather conservative when it came to clothing. She would normally hide her attractive body by avoiding wearing anything too exposed.

That night at the Crown Club, needless to say, was an accident.

At the Crown Club, Linda had accidentally walked in on Charles having his way with a woman. That woman who walked out of Charles's room was extremely sexy and attractive.

Therefore, Linda subconsciously assumed that Charles was more into that type of women who were mature and sexy.

"Hmm? Tell me, what type of women do I like?"

"That woman in your room at the Crown Club. That's more your type, right?"

Looking at Charles, Linda replied cautiously.

Charles Mu returned back to his chair and tapped the desk with his slender finger. He said,"That woman should thank you for showing up in time, or else she would be dead right there and then."

"Why? The mighty Young Master Mu has a thing for necrophilia?"

Paul was baffled by the dialogue between the two. What the hell? Necrophilia?

...These two really couldn't chat for one minute without turning a conversation into a verbal dispute. Paul hurriedly stepped in to save the day.

"My Lady. That woman at the Crown Club was a trained assassin sent by Lord George. We were having trouble coming up with an excuse to send her back until you showed up."

Lord George was George Mu, the younger brother of James Mu. He had a reputation for his insatiable appetite for money and power, and he had no son.

Looking back what had happened that day, Linda was infuriated. If it was just an act, why he had to grabbed her and made a mess out of her dress. Because of that, she was mocked by May Shen and her daughter when she got back to the Xia clan.

"Charles Mu. If it was just an act, why did you drag me into this mess?" asked Linda while grinding her teeth.

Three simple words came jumping off the mouth of Charles Mu. "It pleases me."

Linda looked as if she was about to go through the roof.

The sight of this kitten-like girl freaking out set Charles in a good mood, So much so that when they left for the company, Paul almost did not recognize his Young Master, who insisted on driving the car himself in order to have a go at car drifting.

Charles did not give an explicit answer to Linda's demands.

However, Linda took his silence as a Yes.

None of them had brought this issue up again for the next few days. Days went by peacefully without a hitch. Charles had been busy and never returned for two days.

Linda could use the time off. She started to dig into the death of Sherry Nalan in Charles's absence.

Linda could barely remember her biological mother. However, judging by the picture, she could tell that her mother was a gentle and generous woman.

To her surprise, after a few days of investigation, she had found some gossips.

It was said that James Mu, the father of Charles Mu, grew up with Sherry Nalan and were classmates right up to high school. However, Sherry Nalan had always regarded James Mu as her best friend.

Although being an ardent admirer, when James Mu found out her true feeling, he gave up on trying.

No wonder Charles said that his father was very persistent in honoring the engagement made in the past. It was because he had loved her biological mother.

Having Linda as his daughter-in-law in a way provided some comforts for not being able to marry Sherry Nalan.

The weather that afternoon was rather congenial, neither too hot no

r too cold.

Sunlight scattered around the entire villa of the Mu clan and lent it a touch of coziness. As Linda sat in the garden, she continued browsing through the call records of Walker Chen for the past three months, as well as the records of financial transactions in Walker's bank account, which were all obtained via some irregular means by Paul. She also placed Walker's wife under her investigation.

The most important of all was the security footage shot before Walker Chen killed himself. Linda tried to find something out of it.

Walker Chen died peacefully. After being thrown into the cell, he simply sat at the corner of the wall and stared at it for a while. He did so with face facing toward the wall, so nobody could see his expressions. He then quietly 【pull】 out a bottle of sleeping pills and started gobbling the pills down, after which he lay down in his bed.

He was obviously prepared to die.

Why so determined? He must had been given the instruction to do so. Someone must have promised him something, something that he was willing to die for.

What was promised of him? That was the tricky one, and probably the most important question.

Linda was absorbed in her thought.

"Lady Linda, there is a Lady at the door. She claims to be your sister."

"Sister? My sister is here?" Linda was thrilled. Could it be her sister Cindy?

The servant nodded. "Yes, she says her name is Lisa Xia."

Linda's excitement went out of the window as she heard the name "Lisa". Although their names sounded alike, but this so called "sister" had always wanted to screw her over.

What brought her here?

Linda frowned. They did not see eye to eye.

However, she would deal with whatever came her way. Linda did not consider that dim-witted sister of hers to be much of a threat.

She wanted to see what Lisa was up to.

Meanwhile, Lisa had been waiting at the door, looking livid with anger. Were they going to deny her entry?

If so, then she had come for nothing. Prior to her departure, her mother May Shen made it a point that she was to keep her willful nature in check and be courteous with Linda as if she were her real sister.

Lisa had come around and thought,"It was all for the bigger picture!"

She must "be on her best behavior".

While she was thinking, a servant came out.

"Lady Lisa, My Lady asks for your presence."

The title "My Lady" sounded almost a bit insulting to Lisa. Back when Linda had not shown up, everybody took her as the only daughter of the Xia clan. When she heard about the engagement between the two clans, she was so psyched that she was up all night. The next day she even prematurely announced her "engagement" with the most powerful Young Master of the entire SH City to her friends.

Her friends were both envious and jealous of her.

Who would have thought that the Mu clan wanted only the eldest daughter of the Xia clan.

Lisa had become the laughing stock among her friends.

Those friends of hers were actually a bunch of snobbish daughters of some wealthy families. Though they usually appeared to be getting along, they actually competed with each other over just about anything. Those spoiled girls didn't fancy the idea of other girls getting a better marriage.

Nonetheless, Lisa still managed to rein in her anger and behaved like a Lady from the prestigious Xia clan.

"Thank you. Would you please lead the way?" There was a "gentle" smile on Lisa's face.

Lisa had left a good impression on the servants. In their minds, this Lady of the Xia clan truly lived up to her title. She was to them a graceful and courteous Lady.

After walking for about a minute along a trail, they arrived at a spacious garden on the back. When Lisa approached, Linda was reading a comic book and busted out a hearty laugh.

"How have you been these days, sister? Did the Mu clan treat you well?"

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